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Shamatha Meditation - 5 Day Workshop

B. Alan Wallace - 21.5 hours Broadband and Flash Required

Join renowned Buddhist teacher and scholar B. Alan Wallace for an extraordinary 5 day workshop experience introducing methods for developing meditative quiescence, shamatha. This exclusive retreat features over 21 hours of intensive training and guided meditations. Download now and experience the benefits of Shamatha.

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A 5 Day Meditation Retreat Experience

Being able to take a 5-day meditation course with a master teacher would be a real treat. Luckily, Pranamaya recorded a 5 day retreat to give you all the benefits of a weeklong workshop that you can enjoy on your time schedule and in the privacy of your own home.

ReTreat Yourself

Our Shamatha meditation workshop developed by renowned Buddhist teacher and scholar B. Alan Wallace is presented in this download. Nearly 24 hours of instruction over 32 separate chapters are included in this incredible video.

During this filmed 5-day retreat, Wallace explores our faculty of attention, its importance, and how we can improve it through meditation. He lays out both theoretical and practical methods for developing meditative quiescence, or Shamatha.

Be Still

Throughout the Shamatha meditation workshop Wallace presents a range of techniques you can implement that can help you develop your concentration, including mindful breathing and calming the mind. He also focuses on the Four Immeasurables, loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity, as central to the meditative practice.

Enjoy all the benefits of a 5-day workshop in the convenience of a video download. You can explore all 32 chapters as you like, when you like. Expand your meditation practice and download this incredible Shamatha meditation online course today.

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About Alan Wallace Yoga DVDs Blend Meditation With Science

Alan Wallace Yoga DVDs Blend Meditation With Science

Meditation is an integral part of yoga. Whatever your reason is for coming to yoga, from improving physical fitness and well-being to lowering stress and quieting the mind, meditation must be practiced. Depending on your background, spiritual health, and experience, meditation may come easy to you. However for some, meditating is just as difficult as some of the more advanced yoga poses. 

To really get in tune with your meditative side, you may want to consider isolating meditation from the other parts of yoga in order to truly study and understand it. One of the most versed meditation teachers in the world is Alan Wallace. Alan has a great deal of real world experience in meditation and its roots. Before we get to Pranamaya’s Alan Wallace videos, let’s learn a little more about his background.

About Alan Wallace

To become a truly talented meditation teacher, one must delve into the teachings, history, and principles behind it. Ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk by the Dalai Lama himself, Alan Wallace has taught Buddhist theory and meditation all over the world for over 30 years. Alan is a lecturer, a scholar, a writer, and a translator. Throughout the decades, he has looked for innovative ways to integrate Buddhist meditative practices with Western science. This extensive background makes our Alan Wallace meditation videos a must-have for anyone looking to deepen their meditation practice.

Meditation & Yoga

Why is meditation such important part of yoga? Yoga is a transformative practice that focuses deeply on the body, mind, and spirit equally. The first thing we learn in yoga is the art of pranayama breathing. This conscious, in and out breathing guides every movement, every sequence, every asana in yoga, and is the foundation of the practice as a whole. Pranayama breathing enables us to look inward and not focus wholly on what our body is doing. It helps us quiet the mind, getting rid of all the external thoughts that constantly swirl around in our brain on a day-to-day basis.

This quieting of the mind is the first step in meditation, and an integral part of our Alan Wallace meditation videos. Meditation can be the absence of thought or the act of completely focused thought. Used in yoga, it is a way to appreciate the work our body does for us every day and honor ourselves.

Shamatha Meditation Workshop

Alan Wallace is known for his intensive retreats. These unique experiences are now readily available as an online video course by Pranamaya Yoga Media! Alan’s Shamatha Meditation - 5 Day Workshop features over 21 hours of comprehensive training and guided meditation. Organized into 32 chapters, this workshop presents a variety of techniques for developing concentration including the practice of mindful breathing.

If you enjoy our Alan Wallace videos, take a look at Pranamaya’s entire Pranayama and Meditation collection!

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