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Teja Bell

Teja Bell

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  1. Foundations of Qigong: Introduction Training

    Foundations of Qigong: Introduction Training
    Teja Bell Yoga DVDs Integrate Martial Arts and Healing...

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  2. Radiant Heart Qigong

    Radiant Heart Qigong
    Teja Bell Yoga DVDs Integrate Martial Arts and Healing...

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At Pranamaya Yoga Media, some of the most talented and renowned master yoga teachers in the world are at your finger tips. Our teachers each have their own unique style and specialize in different forms of yoga, some of which are otherwise hard to come by whether online, in DVDs or in person. 

One of these specialized teachers is Teja Bell. Teja comes from a background in martial arts, which he has been practicing for almost 50 years. As a part of his training, Teja began studying the art of Qigong, a Chinese meditative art of conscious embodiment. Pranamaya is proud to offer our Online Courses featuring Teja Bell yoga videos focusing on Qigong.

About Qigong

Qigong is almost a cross between traditional Indian yoga and Chinese Tai Chi. The basic principles are similar in all three, and each can complement each other. Qigong honors the energy of our being as a meditative practice. Its roots date back thousands of years as a supplement to martial arts as well as a health and wellness practice.

Qigong and Yoga

Qigong may not traditionally be associated with yoga, but there are many similarities between the two, which is why we are so fortunate to have Teja Bell yoga videos as a part of our collection. The word Qigong translates into Life Energy Cultivation. It involves the alignment of the body, breath, and mind; three things that are pivotal in all areas of yoga. And just like yoga, Qigong involves meditation, chanting, and body postures.

Anyone that has ever practiced yoga will notice the correlations between the postures of these two methods. Just like yoga, Qigong exercises entail the same slow, calculated movements that are guided by conscious breathing. Even the names have a similar sort of ring to them. Where yoga asanas are commonly one or two word names associated with a part of nature or humanity, such as “Tree,” “Happy Baby,” and “Downward Facing Dog,” Qigong poses do the same, but tell more of a story, like “Gazing at the Moon” and “Pushing the Waves.”

Teja Bell Yoga Videos

As one of the most renowned Qigong teachers, Teja Bell brings his knowledge and passion of this Chinese art to our Pranamaya yogis. Included in our Teja Bell collection is Foundations of Qigong: Introduction Training, a 74-minute video aimed at beginners. If you’ve never practiced Qigong, this is your chance to learn the essential principles, complete with an overview lecture and and an introduction to natural breathing and standing meditation.

If you enjoy Teja’s introductory video and are looking for more, try his 28-minute Radiant Heart Qigong video. A continuation of his Foundations class, Radiant Heart picks right up with everyday practices including standing meditation, Taoist breathing, and spinal Qigong.

In addition to the Teja Bell yoga videos, you can browse our entire collection of yoga videos and DVDs.

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