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Insight Yoga: Earth

Sarah Powers

Practices that build a stable Earth foundation for living an embodied and creative life! This DVD features Sarah's remarkable blend of dynamic yoga movements, Yin-style held postures and skillfully guided meditations.

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  • SKU: SP-EA
  • 135 minutes
  • DVD
  • NTSC


Insight Yoga | Mingling Heaven and Earth

Humans are a confluence of earthly ‘Yin’ energy and heavenly ‘Yang’ energy. Just as our world could not exist without the Yin support of the ground below and the Yang space of the sky above, our health and vitality depend upon these complementary upper and lower energies.

These yoga practices draw strength from these two primordial forces of life and increase chi migration throughout the whole body while improving pranic circulation through the Hara, the belly center which is the wellspring of our life force.

Insight Yoga | Earth: Balancing Yin Energy

  • • Practice 1: Grounding Down: promotes groundedness and frees stagnation (55 min)
  • • Practice 2: Spiraling Chi: increases circulation in spine and abdomen (31 min)
  • • Shamata Meditation: breath-focused attention to increase ease of being (20 min)
  • • Vipassana Meditation: disengages mental reactivity and develops insight (18 min)

Special features:
  • • English Subtitle option for all material
  • • Bonus MP3s for portable practice

The Insight Yoga | Heaven and Earth Collection:

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About Sarah Powers

Sarah Powers

An internationally acclaimed master teacher, Sarah Powers weaves the insights and practices of yoga and Buddhist meditation in an integrated practice that seeks to enliven the body, heart, and mind. Her yoga style blends a yin sequence of long-held poses to enhance the meridian and organ systems, with a yang or flow practice influenced by Viniyoga, Ashtanga, and alignment-based vinyasa teachings.

Her Buddhist training in Insight Meditation includes many retreats with Spirit Rock–trained teachers, time spent in a Burmese monastery, and a dharma teacher training with Bhante Gunaratana. She has also sat a number of Zen and Chan retreats and studied transpersonal psychology at the graduate level. Her main influences over the last seven years have been the Dzogchen teacher, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, and Zen teacher Toni Packer.

Her book, Insight Yoga, offers a series of practices designed to identify, open, and strengthen the various physical and psychological components of one's experience

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