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Yoga for Cranky Hips Intensive

Leslie Howard - 72 minutes Broadband and Flash Required

Join acclaimed yoga teacher Leslie Howard for a master training offering a new way of working in poses that will make your hips a little more happy and a lot less cranky! This alignment based intensive is designed to increase space, flexibility and strength in the hips.

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The hips are one of the primary places where the body holds tension, and tight hips are more common than ever now that most of us spend our days working at computers and seated in cars for our commutes. Offer your body some relief with this yoga for cranky hips online course led by prominent teacher and yogi Leslie Howard. This course provides seventy-two minutes of gentle, soothing, slow, and methodical movement to help your hips get happy again.

Soothing the Hips

Hips get tight for a number of reasons, and whatever these reasons are, this tightness will affect the rest of your body. Using props and familiar poses to create a gentle sense of space, strength, and flexibility, this course on yoga for cranky hips is offered by Pranamaya as a safe and mindful way to heal those hips with a focus on alignment and setting you up for good habits.

Leslie Howard: Master Yogi

Leslie Howard is an expert when it comes to the hips, having focused extensively on the hips and pelvis as a part of her own practice as well as her teaching. Experience her method and benefit from her soothing style and you’ll soon wonder at how marvelous you feel inside and out.

Props recommended for this class:

  • • 1 or 2 yoga straps

  • • 2 yoga blocks

  • • Chair (folding chair or similar)

  • • Blanket

Customer Reviews

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A must for anyone with hip/leg issues--Who doesn`t? Review by Emily
I first found Leslie`s webinar on Pelvic Pain (another highly recommended resource). I had been experiencing various kinds of pain and tension in my hips and thighs seemingly out of the blue after years of regular Yoga practice. The use of props and clear anatomical explanations really helped me feel my way into my hips and thigh bones is a way I had not previously experienced. Her discussion of Trikonasana and how it is often taught (to push the hip back as the spine lengthens in opposition) actually compromises the stability of the pelvis! This was critical for me! I hope you find this material as useful as I did! (Posted on 5/11/2013)
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About Leslie Howard Yoga DVDs Offer Potent Healing Techniques

Leslie Howard Yoga DVDs Offer Potent Healing Techniques

There are so many different forms of yoga that focus on just about every area of our bodies, including our mind, spirit, and breathing. When it comes to the hips, seasoned master yoga teacher Leslie Howard knows all. For over 15 years, Leslie has taught yoga in both the New York and San Francisco areas, concentrating primarily on the hip and pelvic region.

Fitness wise, many people choose to focus on their core, legs, and arms. For health and wellness we look to improve back pain, balance, flexibility, and stress through yoga. You may not even consider the condition or importance of our hips and pelvic floor, until you watch Pranamaya’s Leslie Howard yoga videos.

About Leslie Howard

To understand why Leslie is so passionate about bringing attention to the hips and pelvic region through yoga, you must learn a little more about her. Leslie was diagnosed with hypertonic pelvic syndrome, a condition that is defined by muscle spasms in the pelvic region. It was through meticulous practice of Iyengar style yoga, characterized by great attention to detail and body alignment, that Leslie found relief. Because of this, she became determined to create her own form of yoga that specifically focuses on the hips and pelvic floor so as to help others aid and prevent such symptoms.

Importance of the Hip-Centered Yoga

So, what is so important about a hip-centered yoga, you ask? Most people spend an inordinate amount of time in sitting positions, which results in an uncomfortable tightening of the thigh bones and surrounding muscles. Practicing the hip-focused yoga featured in our Leslie Howard yoga video, Yoga for Cranky Hips Intensive, can strengthen the hips and provide greater flexibility. Poses explored in Leslie’s Yoga for Cranky Hips Intensive video help align the bones into a natural placement that alleviates tension. Students will experience an increase of blood flow to the pelvic area as the femurs are brought forward in the hip socket. Hip-centered yoga also helps students combat bad posture and relax into healthier positions. With a focus on the relationship between the legs and pelvis, this intensive is great for anyone who finds themselves sitting more than they stand in their everyday lives and needs to open up their hips.

Leslie Howard Yoga Videos

So if you’re looking for relief in your pelvic and hip region, whether you’re experiencing tight muscles or pain, or want to open your hips, our Leslie Howard yoga videos are just what you need. Leslie’s expertise in the pelvic floor, as well as more general Iyengar based yoga, makes her videos and teachings essential for anyone looking to go a little deeper and more specialized in their practice.

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