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Yoga Teachers

Pranamaya Yoga Media is proud and humbled to have such an outstanding roster of master yoga  teachers on our team. Our talented teachers are regarded as some of the best in the world, including Paul Grilley, Gary Kraftsow, Sarah Powers, Andrey Lappa, Jill Miller, Edward Clark, and Sri Dharma Mittra. The heart of all that we do comes from the desire authentic yogaic teachings from visionary teachers. Our fifteen master yoga teachers, whose biographies are listed on this page are among the most respected teachers in the world.  From treasured DVDs for yoga teachers to timeless books on the practice of yoga, they have all made their mark on the yoga community—as well as on the world at large.

A Variety of Styles Accessible to All

Students from all walks of life, from beginners to lifelong yogis, have benefited from the wisdom of these yoga teachers and educators. They are skilled in breaking down yoga to its most fundamental poses and principles to be accessible to all. Our master yoga teachers are also able to keep up with even the most avid of yogis, which is a rapidly growing number these days since yoga has become a widespread passion. This is because each Pranamaya Master teacher is deeply knowledgeable about the intricacies of yoga, from its historic origins to its ever-evolving, modern-day interpretations. 

Pranamaya features master yoga teachers who deliver yogic wisdom in ways that make sense to  our everyday practice, such as Paul Grilley, who breaks down yoga to  fundamentals of function vs form, recognizing that we each have a unique set of bones. . We also feature instructors who push the limits of what yoga can do, such as Edward Clark, who founded a group that brings yoga to the stage as performance art. This wide range of perspectives is what makes Pranamaya the leader in making yoga accessible to every audience and the absolute gold standard in yoga media.

We invite you to get to know the master instructors at Pranamaya. Read on through each biography to find the teacher who resonates with you the most—be it their philosophy, teaching methodology or picture that you connect to—and find a guide for your personal yoga journey today.

Fair Prices for All

Pranamaya is proud to offer an affordable way to benefit from the unique knowledge of these highly sought-after master yoga teachers. We have found a way to make learning from them more accessible by selling yoga videos, online yoga classes and books that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home, without watering down any of their wisdom. Since these yoga classes are evergreen and based in tradition and authentic teachings they never go out of style. You will find yourself referring to them over and over again. Look through our media section to find the product that most suits your needs.

A Paul Grilley DVD Can Change Your Approach to Yoga

A Paul Grilley DVD Can Change Your Approach to Yoga

Paul Grilley’s insightful yoga DVDs and online courses break yoga down to its fundamentals and stress the importance of looking at each unique body. Since no two human bodies are exactly alike, Paul  offers that yoga cannot be taught in a uniform way; instead, it needs to be tailored to the individual and our unique bone structure.  A Paul Grilley DVD will not only inform you about yoga, it might also change the way you practice or teach it.

Paul Grilley’s Background

Paul Grilley began practicing yoga in 1979 after reading The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananada. He moved to Los Angeles in 1982 where he studied and taught yoga for 12 years. In 1988 he read Theories of the Chakras by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama. Paul and his wife Suzee have been active students of Dr. Motoyama ever since.  

Paul started his studies of anatomy with Dr. Garry Parker in 1979. He continued his studies at UCLA where he took courses in anatomy and kinesiology. He earned a M.A. from St. John's College, Santa Fe in summer 2000 and an Honorary Ph.D. in 2005 from the California Institute for Human Science for his efforts to clarify the latest theories on fascia and its relevance to the practice of hatha yoga. He enjoys reading science and esoteric literature, trying to find connections between the two.

Paul and his wife Suzee now spend their time administrating and teaching the Yin Yoga Teacher's Training program both in the USA and abroad.

Learn from the Classic Lesson Anatomy for Yoga

The Paul Grilley DVDAnatomy for Yoga is an especially useful tool for teachers looking to gain a deeper understanding of how specific postures change depending on a specific student’s body composition. For example, a student whose arms are naturally a bit shorter may have a harder time reaching their hands to the floor in Dhandasana (staff pose). At the same time, a student with naturally longer arms may have to bend their arms to comfortably sit in this very same pose.

Yoga for Students of All Shapes and Sizes

Paul’s approach to yoga is of paramount importance when teaching yoga to students of all shapes and sizes, as well as with varying levels of physical fitness. Purchase one of his DVDs, such as the Paul Grilley DVD entitled Yin Yoga or Chakra Theory and Meditation DVD, to see how versatile your teaching style or personal yoga practice can be, and how much more welcoming this approach is to students of all types.

Quality Teaching at a Fair Price

Our media at Pranamaya is an excellent way to round out your yoga teaching style or personal yoga practice without breaking the bank. There are numerous yoga retreats, vacations, workshops, and teacher trainings that provide you with instruction from famous teachers such as those on the roster of master teachers at Pranamaya. The difference in buying one of our products is that these teachings come to you at a fraction of the price, without compromising on the quality of the instruction and your learning.

Why wait? Purchase a Paul Grilley DVD or another one of our outstanding Pranamaya products to deepen your yoga journey today.

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Gary Kraftsow yoga DVDs Feature Viniyoga Therapy

Gary Kraftsow yoga DVDs Feature Viniyoga Therapy

Viniyoga is a popular method of yoga that alters the practice to suit the specific needs of the practitioner so that yoga becomes an even more powerful tool for mental, physical, and spiritual change. A well-known teacher of this approach is Gary Kraftsow, who studied Viniyoga under T.K.V. Desikachar and T. Krishnamacharya of Madras, India. Pranamaya Yoga Media is pleased to present a variety of Gary Kraftsow yoga DVDs to its customers.

After his initial study of yoga, Gary founded the American Viniyoga Institute to bring this style of yoga therapy to the US. His teachings have brought this valuable technique to many yoga practitioners and professionals in the US. And through our media products, we bring Gary Kraftsow yoga to you.

Thoughtful, Well-Designed Curriculum

Gary has stayed true to the classic yogic traditions while at the same time making important adaptations to some of today’s most common ailments.  Gary is currently the director and senior teacher of the Institute’s teacher and therapist trainings. With a bachelor’s degree from Colgate University as well as a master’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Gary’s knowledge and experience is evident in the masterful sequencing and instruction throughout our Gary Kraftsow yoga DVDs.  

Dedication to Further Yoga Research

Additionally, Gary aids in yoga research by collaborating with organizations such as the National Institutes of Health on yoga-related studies. One such analysis involved looking yoga therapy’s effect on generalized anxiety. His wide-range of educational and research experience demonstrates just part of the reason Gary is widely considered the leader in the field of Yoga Therapy, and why the Gary Kraftsow yoga DVDs, are consistently regarded as the best of their kind.

Gary Kraftsow Yoga for Your Body

Our Gary Kraftsow yoga DVD’s specialize in focusing on specific areas of the body, such as in the Viniyoga Therapy for Low Back, Sacrum and Hips; Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders and the Complete Back Care Series.

Gary Kraftsow Yoga for Your Mind and Spirit

In addition to DVDs that zero-in on specific parts of the body, Gary attends to emotional health as well with DVDs such as Viniyoga Therapy for Anxiety and Viniyoga Therapy for Depression. No matter what personal transformation you are hoping to make, Gary Kraftsow yoga DVDs will help you individualize your practice so that you are able to take the most appropriate steps to reach your goals.

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Sarah Powers Yoga DVDs Integrate Body, Heart, and Mind

Sarah Powers Yoga DVDs Integrate Body, Heart, and Mind

World-renowned yoga instructor Sarah Powers masterfully blends the yin and the yang of yoga, “integrating body, heart, and mind.” She mixes the popular yin yoga with flow movements inspired by Ashtanga and Viniyoga. Her approach to yoga is suitable for beginners, as well as experienced yogis.

Self-Improvement From the Inside Out

Since Sarah Powers’ yoga DVDs place an emphasis on the internal, mental aspect of yoga, her insights can be an excellent way to start the journey of self-improvement from the inside out. This means that you don’t have to be in tip-top physical shape to get started! Instead, work from the head to the heart and then out to the body, slowly building strength, losing weight, developing flexibility, and improving your overall well-being through Sarah’s beautiful blend of body, heart, and mind.

In addition to being a trained yoga instructor, Sarah has been trained in Buddhist Insight Meditation and has studied psychology at the graduate level. All of this knowledge makes her works incredibly valuable for both seasoned and aspiring yogis. In addition to the physical aspect of yoga, her in-depth training allows her to provide great insight into the psychological aspect of the practice as well.

Explore Sarah Powers’ DVDs, Online Courses, and More

Sarah Powers’ yoga DVDs concentrate on this blend of both the mind and body. For example, her DVD Insight Yoga: Earth is designed to teach stability and does so through guided yoga movements in addition to meditations. Similarly, her DVD Insight Yoga: Heaven focuses on cultivating energy. No matter what life improvement you are seeking to make, Sarah’s guidance can help you start on the right path.

We are also proud to offer online courses taught by Sarah, as well as MP3s of select songs featured on her DVDs. From Sarah Powers’ yoga DVDs to MP3s to online courses, these robust offerings are a great way to personally experience the value of Sarah’s teachings.   

Learn more about Sarah on her website: In addition to Sarah Powers’ yoga DVDs, books, and other media, she co-founded the Insight Yoga Institute, which integrates yoga, Buddhism, and psychology—and offers a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training program for those looking to gain even more from Sarah’s vast knowledge.  

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Sri Dharma Mittra Yoga DVDs Modernize Classical Yoga

Sri Dharma Mittra Yoga DVDs Modernize Classical Yoga

Pranamaya Yoga Media could not be more humbled to feature the founder of Dharma Yoga, Sri Dharma Mittra, among its master yoga teachers. We are proud to offer our series of Sri Dharma Mittra yoga DVDs, Maha Sadhana: The Great Practice I&II, from which you can truly learn from the master of Dharma Yoga!

The Dharma Yoga teachings focus on the spiritual and personal growth aspect of yoga above all else, with the physical poses, or asanas, as a means to reach your higher self. TheDharma Yoga Center website defines this style of yoga as follows: “A devotional practice that emphasizes good health, a clear mind, and a kind heart.”

Sri Dharma Mittra’s Background

Sri Dharma Mittra has nearly fifty years of experience studying yoga. Born in Brazil in the late 1930s, he left the Brazilian Air Force and moved to New York City in the mid 1960’s, where he met his Guru, Sri Swami Kailashananda, with whom he studied for more than ten years.  He then founded the Dharma Yoga Center and set forth forging his own path in yoga.  These experiences formed the basis of his yoga method, as seen in our Sri Dharma Mittra yoga DVDs,  Maha Sadhana: The Great Practice I&II.  

Pranamaya Brings the Practice of Dharma Right to Your Home

By purchasing one of our Dharma Yoga media products, you can bring the true source of Dharma Yoga, Sri Dharma Mittra, right to your home. DVDs such as Maha Sadhana: the Great Practice are excellent tools for any yogi to learn from. This lesson is offered at both a Level I and Level II, providing an approachable form of study for beginners, as well as more advanced students.

Select one of our Sri Dharma Mittra DVDs to get started today!

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Yoga DVD for Seniors | Teach Specialized Yoga

Yoga DVD for Seniors | Teach Specialized Yoga

Yoga is universal. Yoga is for all. Yoga is not reserved for the young and limber. In yoga, we strive to improve the health of our body, mind, and spirit—three things that can help people of all ages and skill levels. This is precisely what Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff aim to promote with Yoga for Seniors.

More than just a class, Yoga for Seniors is a community, a community that is shared through Pranamaya’s Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson’s yoga DVD for seniors. Read on to learn more about Carol and Kimberly, their background, and how Yoga for Seniors came to be.

About Kimberly and Carol

Co-directors of the pioneering Yoga for Seniors teacher training at Duke Integrative Medicine and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Kimberly Carson, MPH, E-RYT and Carol Krucoff, E-RYT specialize in teaching yoga to older adults and people with health challenges.

Kimberly is a leading contributor to research establishing the therapeutic benefits of yoga and meditation for people with serious health issues. She has developed and taught numerous yoga and meditation programs at Duke University Medical Center and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) for patients with chronic pain and cancer. Kimberly co-directs both the Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors and the Yoga of Awareness teacher trainings for Cancer and Chronic Pain offered through Duke Integrative Medicine and OHSU. Her work has been published in journals such as Pain, Supportive Care in Cancer, Journal of Pain & Symptom Management, and Behavior Therapy.

Carol is a yoga therapist at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, where she creates individualized yoga practices for people with health challenges and co-directs the Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors teacher training. A frequent contributor to Yoga Journal, Carol is an award-winning journalist and fitness expert. She served as founding editor of the Health section of The Washington Post, where her syndicated column, Bodyworks, appeared for 12 years. She is author of the book Healing Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain; co-author with her cardiologist husband Mitchell Krucoff, MD, of Healing Moves: How to Cure, Relieve and Prevent Common Ailments with Exercise; and creator of the home practice CD, Healing Moves Yoga.

Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson Yoga DVD for Seniors

Kimberly and Carol’s all important Yoga for Seniors teachings are now featured in a full-length DVD available through Pranayama Yoga Media. Relax Into Yoga for Seniors combines the best of modern, evidence-based medicine with the ancient wisdom of yoga. This is a safe and gentle beginners yoga for seniors or anyone who has experienced health problems that would otherwise bar them from participating in a general yoga class. This effective and enjoyable yoga DVD for seniors is possible for virtually anyone!

Yoga for Seniors Teacher Training

Not only do Kimberly and Carol encourage the practice of yoga for seniors, they are also passionate in teaching others how to safely and properly instruct these specialized classes. It’s one thing to be a master yoga teacher, but it’s quite another to instruct and train future teachers especially in such a delicate area. Their Yoga for Seniors teacher training program has produced over 500 graduates.

Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson yoga DVD for seniors is designed as a complete practice of seniors. However, if you are interested in trying a more generalized beginners class, check out our Great for Beginners page for even more DVDs and videos to try!

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Andrey Lappa yoga DVDs Teach Modern Universal Yoga

Andrey Lappa yoga DVDs Teach Modern Universal Yoga

Andrey Lappa is one of the post-Soviet world’s most famous yoga teachers. He lived in Mongolia with his family when he was younger during the 1970s, which deepened his understanding of the lifestyle in the East. Alongside his travels, Andrey was an avid swimmer. He was so dedicated to sports that he received a Masters of Sports in the USSR in the late eighties.

All of this experience has informed his rich yoga teachings, and his understanding of specialized techniques such as tantric meditation. This style of meditation stems from the Himalaya yogis and involves using Vairasattva as a means to transform negative karma into positive karma. Pranamaya Yoga Media brings all of this to you through our Andrey Lappa yoga DVDs and Videos.

Andrey Lappa has studied with preeminent yoga masters such as BKS Iyengar and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Drawing on his many years of study, Andrey created his own style of yoga, Universal Yoga, which focuses largely on spirituality. He is very active in the general yoga community, serving as president of the Kiev Yoga Federation in the Ukraine.

Pranamaya Yoga Media Delivers Andrey’s Teachings from Around the Globe

Purchasing products such as Andrey Lappa yoga DVDs from Pranamaya is a unique way to bring these vast global teachings right to your home. Many devoted yogis are willing to spend large amounts of money to learn from great teachers like Andrey Lappa. Pranamaya allows even a beginner yogi to test out these excellent teachers at a very fair price. Review our products to see what we have to offer. From tantric meditation to Universal Yoga, our Andrey Lappa yoga DVDs and online courses are sure to provide you with a detailed perspective of the practice.

Pranamaya Offers Depth of Study

All of Pranamaya’s master yoga teachers are among the most influential in the world. Our products, such as Andrey Lappa DVDs and Videos, bring you unparalleled lessons in the field of yoga. Even if you regularly attend retreats, classes, and workshops, our products can be a way to diversify how you learn and practice yoga. Studying these in-depth programs from the comfort of your home may allow you to go deeper into your practice or to understand through repetition, things that may be missed in other settings. We hope that you will look through our products, including our Andrey Lappa yoga DVDs and Videos, and find the ones that are right for you.

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Leslie Howard Yoga DVDs Offer Potent Healing Techniques

Leslie Howard Yoga DVDs Offer Potent Healing Techniques

There are so many different forms of yoga that focus on just about every area of our bodies, including our mind, spirit, and breathing. When it comes to the hips, seasoned master yoga teacher Leslie Howard knows all. For over 15 years, Leslie has taught yoga in both the New York and San Francisco areas, concentrating primarily on the hip and pelvic region.

Fitness wise, many people choose to focus on their core, legs, and arms. For health and wellness we look to improve back pain, balance, flexibility, and stress through yoga. You may not even consider the condition or importance of our hips and pelvic floor, until you watch Pranamaya’s Leslie Howard yoga videos.

About Leslie Howard

To understand why Leslie is so passionate about bringing attention to the hips and pelvic region through yoga, you must learn a little more about her. Leslie was diagnosed with hypertonic pelvic syndrome, a condition that is defined by muscle spasms in the pelvic region. It was through meticulous practice of Iyengar style yoga, characterized by great attention to detail and body alignment, that Leslie found relief. Because of this, she became determined to create her own form of yoga that specifically focuses on the hips and pelvic floor so as to help others aid and prevent such symptoms.

Importance of the Hip-Centered Yoga

So, what is so important about a hip-centered yoga, you ask? Most people spend an inordinate amount of time in sitting positions, which results in an uncomfortable tightening of the thigh bones and surrounding muscles. Practicing the hip-focused yoga featured in our Leslie Howard yoga video, Yoga for Cranky Hips Intensive, can strengthen the hips and provide greater flexibility. Poses explored in Leslie’s Yoga for Cranky Hips Intensive video help align the bones into a natural placement that alleviates tension. Students will experience an increase of blood flow to the pelvic area as the femurs are brought forward in the hip socket. Hip-centered yoga also helps students combat bad posture and relax into healthier positions. With a focus on the relationship between the legs and pelvis, this intensive is great for anyone who finds themselves sitting more than they stand in their everyday lives and needs to open up their hips.

Leslie Howard Yoga Videos

So if you’re looking for relief in your pelvic and hip region, whether you’re experiencing tight muscles or pain, or want to open your hips, our Leslie Howard yoga videos are just what you need. Leslie’s expertise in the pelvic floor, as well as more general Iyengar based yoga, makes her videos and teachings essential for anyone looking to go a little deeper and more specialized in their practice.

Click here to find more Iyengar yoga DVDs and videos available through Pranamaya!

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Jill Miller Yoga DVDs Blend Science With an Ageless Art

Jill Miller Yoga DVDs Blend Science With an Ageless Art

Pranamaya prides itself on working with a variety of teachers. Jill Miller is a teacher who stands out for her entrepreneurial nature. She created Yoga Tune Up® and is the co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide. Our Jill Miller yoga DVDs feature various styles. Jill Miller’s Yoga Link DVDs focus on key areas like the shoulder, core, and hips to help improve flexibility and stability in targeted problem areas. They are particularly helpful for students seeking to ease pain or heal an injury. This makes Jill Miller DVDs a perfect fit for our product line, which is designed to bring a variety of yoga to the home.

Jill’s Yoga Link series are designed to ease problems areas that are prone to chronic pain. Each lesson builds strength in weak muscles and helps broaden flexibility. Our Jill Miller yoga DVDs are a great way to start your self-care regime. Each lesson in the Yoga Link series has a portion dedicated to deep breathing techniques to help students gain the most benefit from their session. The program is appropriate for all levels of ability.

A Wealth of Experience

Jill brings with her an incredible 28 years of experience in the field. Due to her truly creative ways of bringing yoga to the a wide audience, she has become a well-known figure in the yoga and fitness communities. Her widespread popularity has propelled her to write books such as The Roll Model and create DVDs such as Treat While You Train, as well as all of the Jill Miller yoga DVDs found on our website.

The Yoga Link series helps to heal every area of the body on a highly targeted basis using slow, deliberate poses and transitions that help ease and elongate muscles. Many individuals have discovered the benefits of Jill’s style, relieving pain throughout their bodies as they exercise. Discover this smart approach for yourself with our Jill Miller DVDs and start healing your body today.

Vast Media Coverage

Even the general public has gotten to know Jill. Media outlets from Yoga Journal to the Oprah Winfrey Network’s OWN Show have featured her to highlight her work, opening up her method to a huge audience. Her yoga method is so accessible, and with our Jill Miller yoga DVDs, even more so. The technique is also practical, incorporating tips to help heal your specific ailments while you train. It is no wonder her techniques have caught on.

Where to Find Jill’s Programs

Jill’s programs are popping up at health clubs, corporate health centers, spas, and more. Pranamaya is also happy to provide Jill’s teachings to you through our media products, including Jill Miller yoga DVDs. As always, our at-home training option is brought to you at a fraction of what it would cost to learn these methods in a real-life class or workshop. Take advantage of our merchandise and start improving your health today!

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Alan Wallace Yoga DVDs Blend Meditation With Science

Alan Wallace Yoga DVDs Blend Meditation With Science

Meditation is an integral part of yoga. Whatever your reason is for coming to yoga, from improving physical fitness and well-being to lowering stress and quieting the mind, meditation must be practiced. Depending on your background, spiritual health, and experience, meditation may come easy to you. However for some, meditating is just as difficult as some of the more advanced yoga poses. 

To really get in tune with your meditative side, you may want to consider isolating meditation from the other parts of yoga in order to truly study and understand it. One of the most versed meditation teachers in the world is Alan Wallace. Alan has a great deal of real world experience in meditation and its roots. Before we get to Pranamaya’s Alan Wallace videos, let’s learn a little more about his background.

About Alan Wallace

To become a truly talented meditation teacher, one must delve into the teachings, history, and principles behind it. Ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk by the Dalai Lama himself, Alan Wallace has taught Buddhist theory and meditation all over the world for over 30 years. Alan is a lecturer, a scholar, a writer, and a translator. Throughout the decades, he has looked for innovative ways to integrate Buddhist meditative practices with Western science. This extensive background makes our Alan Wallace meditation videos a must-have for anyone looking to deepen their meditation practice.

Meditation & Yoga

Why is meditation such important part of yoga? Yoga is a transformative practice that focuses deeply on the body, mind, and spirit equally. The first thing we learn in yoga is the art of pranayama breathing. This conscious, in and out breathing guides every movement, every sequence, every asana in yoga, and is the foundation of the practice as a whole. Pranayama breathing enables us to look inward and not focus wholly on what our body is doing. It helps us quiet the mind, getting rid of all the external thoughts that constantly swirl around in our brain on a day-to-day basis.

This quieting of the mind is the first step in meditation, and an integral part of our Alan Wallace meditation videos. Meditation can be the absence of thought or the act of completely focused thought. Used in yoga, it is a way to appreciate the work our body does for us every day and honor ourselves.

Shamatha Meditation Workshop

Alan Wallace is known for his intensive retreats. These unique experiences are now readily available as an online video course by Pranamaya Yoga Media! Alan’s Shamatha Meditation - 5 Day Workshop features over 21 hours of comprehensive training and guided meditation. Organized into 32 chapters, this workshop presents a variety of techniques for developing concentration including the practice of mindful breathing.

If you enjoy our Alan Wallace videos, take a look at Pranamaya’s entire Pranayama and Meditation collection!

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Teja Bell Yoga DVDs  Integrate Martial Arts and Healing

Teja Bell Yoga DVDs Integrate Martial Arts and Healing

At Pranamaya Yoga Media, some of the most talented and renowned master yoga teachers in the world are at your finger tips. Our teachers each have their own unique style and specialize in different forms of yoga, some of which are otherwise hard to come by whether online, in DVDs or in person. 

One of these specialized teachers is Teja Bell. Teja comes from a background in martial arts, which he has been practicing for almost 50 years. As a part of his training, Teja began studying the art of Qigong, a Chinese meditative art of conscious embodiment. Pranamaya is proud to offer our Online Courses featuring Teja Bell yoga videos focusing on Qigong.

About Qigong

Qigong is almost a cross between traditional Indian yoga and Chinese Tai Chi. The basic principles are similar in all three, and each can complement each other. Qigong honors the energy of our being as a meditative practice. Its roots date back thousands of years as a supplement to martial arts as well as a health and wellness practice.

Qigong and Yoga

Qigong may not traditionally be associated with yoga, but there are many similarities between the two, which is why we are so fortunate to have Teja Bell yoga videos as a part of our collection. The word Qigong translates into Life Energy Cultivation. It involves the alignment of the body, breath, and mind; three things that are pivotal in all areas of yoga. And just like yoga, Qigong involves meditation, chanting, and body postures.

Anyone that has ever practiced yoga will notice the correlations between the postures of these two methods. Just like yoga, Qigong exercises entail the same slow, calculated movements that are guided by conscious breathing. Even the names have a similar sort of ring to them. Where yoga asanas are commonly one or two word names associated with a part of nature or humanity, such as “Tree,” “Happy Baby,” and “Downward Facing Dog,” Qigong poses do the same, but tell more of a story, like “Gazing at the Moon” and “Pushing the Waves.”

Teja Bell Yoga Videos

As one of the most renowned Qigong teachers, Teja Bell brings his knowledge and passion of this Chinese art to our Pranamaya yogis. Included in our Teja Bell collection is Foundations of Qigong: Introduction Training, a 74-minute video aimed at beginners. If you’ve never practiced Qigong, this is your chance to learn the essential principles, complete with an overview lecture and and an introduction to natural breathing and standing meditation.

If you enjoy Teja’s introductory video and are looking for more, try his 28-minute Radiant Heart Qigong video. A continuation of his Foundations class, Radiant Heart picks right up with everyday practices including standing meditation, Taoist breathing, and spinal Qigong.

In addition to the Teja Bell yoga videos, you can browse our entire collection of yoga videos and DVDs.

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Mark Horner Yoga DVDs Offer Premier Hatha Yoga Training

Mark Horner Yoga DVDs Offer Premier Hatha Yoga Training

Mark Horner is a Master yoga teacher who is well known in the San Francisco area, where he has been teaching yoga for almost twenty years. He has studied for over ten years under the prolific Zhander Remete, who created Shadow Yoga. This form of yoga has become an integral part of Mark’s teachings, which you can find in our  online selection of Mark Horner yoga Videos. Mark also spent a considerable amount of time learning the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, which was transmitted by the Indian sage Nisargadatta Maharaj and focuses on finding oneness within the self as well as the fundamental divine nature of man.

With such an in-depth background in yoga, Mark comes well prepared to lead a prosperous yoga community in the Bay Area.

Mark’s Moksha Yoga Shala in Walnut Creek

About ten years ago, Mark founded Moksha Yoga Shala in the popular Walnut Creek area of California. Here, he leads teacher trainings, as well as classes in Shadow Yoga, in addition to the many retreats, workshops, and programs that he administers throughout North America. Whether in person or in our Mark Horner yoga Videos, you will discover in Mark’s teachings the great benefit of his clear, concise and thoughtful approach.  

Mark’s Diverse Background

Mark brings with him vast experience as a Certified Rolfer, as well as in classical piano, rock climbing, and the study of Ayurveda and Taoist Internal Arts. This means that he presents a unique mix of creative spirit and physical knowledge to his practice. In our Mark Horner yoga Videos, you will find that he underscores the importance of strengthening inner awareness through yoga as a means to living a better, more liberated life.

Pranamaya Presents Mark Horner Videos and Other Media Products

Explore the many media products offered by Pranamaya that make Mark’s teachings available to you, including our feature interview with him on our blog, The Sacred Cow:Mark Horner on Preparatory Practices. In this Q&A, Mark explains the importance of preparatory work before asana practice (the practice of yoga poses) and how this requires patience. We are proud to deliver the widely sought-after insights as well as full lessons in our series of online Mark Horner yoga Videos.

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Edward Clark Yoga DVDs Add Performance Art to Yoga

Edward Clark Yoga DVDs Add Performance Art to Yoga

Pranamaya Yoga Media is pleased to boast about its unique, talented instructors. One teacher on our master list that truly stands out is Edward Clark. He elegantly brought yoga to the stage by founding the Tripsichore Yoga Theatre, a London-based group that performs yoga as performance art.

Yoga As Performance Art

Tripsichore Yoga Theatre is clear that what they do is not dance. Their team consists of some dancers as well as some with pure yoga backgrounds. Though the movements are grounded in yoga, this is yoga as art.

Our Edward Clark yoga DVD provides a sampling of this visionary teacher’s insights. Supporting such an inventive interpretation of yoga through Edward’s teachings is a great example of Pranamaya’s commitment to making yoga accessible to a variety of individuals, and not remaining stuck in a stringent idea of what constitutes “yoga.”

Edward comes from a robust yoga training background, having studied the practice since 1978. He is highly influenced by traditions such as Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar. He also has a background in dance. This multifaceted wealth of experience makes Edward Clark yoga DVDs very dynamic, and a true counterpart to more mainstream forms of popular yoga, such as yin yoga and yoga therapy. Edward is especially interested in the concept of the vinyasa (a fluid movement of poses) in yoga, which informs the performance aspect of his interpretation of yoga.

Diversify and Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Purchase our Edward Clark yoga DVD, Tripsichore Yoga, to learn even more. For experienced yogis, his guidance may open up your already-existing practice to a new depth of movement or understanding, especially when it comes to bandhas and inversions that require a great deal of core strength and awareness. As yoga evolves into numerous modern day interpretations of the poses and philosophies behind the practice, it is very important for each individual to find the yoga practice that really resonates with them. If you love movement and exploration, this DVD is for you. 

Get Started Today!

Pranamaya is dedicated to helping you reach a genuine understanding of yoga, no matter where you are in your practice. Review our media products to get started on your new, deeper path today. And consider buying a Pranamaya gift card for a loved one to get them started on their own yoga journey!

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Scott Blossom Yoga DVDs Offer Lifestyle Wisdom

Scott Blossom Yoga DVDs Offer Lifestyle Wisdom

Utilizing yoga DVDs and videos, like those available through Pranamaya Yoga Media, gives the average yogi a chance to learn unique forms of yoga from some of the best master yoga teachers in the world. Such an opportunity would be almost impossible without such resources!

One of these renowned teachers is Scott Blossom. As a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner, Shadow Yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic Consultant, Scott brings a one-of-a-kind perspective to his yoga teachings and practices. Scott specializes in Ayurveda, an ancient form of Indian holistic living. Ayurvedic teachings are the main focus of our   online Scott Blossom yoga videos. Before you delve into one, or all of them, why not start by learning a little more about Ayurveda itself.

About Ayurvedic Teaching

Literally defined as knowledge of life, the science and art of Ayurveda explores the principles behind living a healthy and satisfying life. Ayurveda encompases every part of a person’s life, from food to exercise and beyond. Ayurvedic treatment carefully examines nearly every aspect of an individual’s life, and then prescribes a perfectly tailored therapy to help them achieve a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.

Ayurveda and Yoga

As much as Ayurvedic treatment focuses on the body, it also values the health and wellness of the mind. Yoga assists in both of these areas unlike any other form of treatment. There are many things that the two have in common, such as the emphasis on balance, harmony, and self-awareness. Yoga can help in achieving the balance that Ayurvedic practice seeks to accomplish through both its physical and spiritual aspects.

Scott Blossom Yoga Videos

Now that you have a basic understanding of Ayurveda and its relationship with yoga, you can begin to explore Scott Blossom’s Ayurvedic teaching videos available at Pranamaya. Scott’s collection includes a three-part Ayurvedic intensive online video course. Before you begin these videos, we suggest starting off with the quick, nine minute introduction video. In this video you will hear from Scott first hand about Ayurveda and yoga, and what to expect in the remainder of the course.

The three parts of Scott’s Ayurvedic course are Ayurvedic Dietary Principles - Training 1, Ayurvedic Dietary Principles: Training 2, and Ayurvedic Daily Lifestyle. Each of these trainings last about an hour and cover the practical and philosophical elements of each topic. From diet to overall lifestyle principles, these Scott Blossom yoga videos are not meant to be a critical look at your life. Instead, they provide well-balanced guidelines to help you create a harmonious way of life that best suits you.

Scott Blossom’s passion for Ayurveda and yoga are clear the second you hit play. Want to know if this balanced lifestyle is right for you? The only way to find out is by trying out our Scott Blossom yoga videos.

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Nischala Joy Devi: Master Yoga Teacher At Pranamaya

Nischala Joy Devi: Master Yoga Teacher At Pranamaya

Pranamaya is proud to provide the best in yoga media, and that means we have the best yoga teachers, too. One of our favorites is Nischala Joy Devi. For more than 30 years she has brought inner fire, compassion, and unmistakable expertise to her yoga teaching style.

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Saumya Lauren Toolin

Saumya Lauren Toolin

Lauren is a leading teacher of ParaYoga and was one of the first to be certified as a senior teacher by ParaYoga’s founder, Rod Stryker. She has closely apprenticed with Rod since 2001. She also apprenticed with Rodney Yee for many years and has studied extensively in the Iyengar tradition. An initiate of an authentic Himalayan tradition, she is been immersed in the study of Tantra, Sri Vidya and Ayurveda for more than ten years.

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