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Building Prana with Hatha Yoga - Workshop 1

Mark Horner - 100 minutes Broadband and Flash Required

Master teacher Mark Horner introduces principles and methods of Hatha practice for creating strong and free-flowing prana. Mark's expert teachings help you learn how efficiently to ”put money in the bank” of your energetic reserve. Download now and start this valuable intensive workshop training.

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Prana translates to “life force” in Sanskrit. In yoga, prana also refers to the vital life force that is empowered and enlivened during yoga practice. This energy heals and gives vitality to the body, mind, and spirit of practitioners. Our Hatha yoga training course video will introduce you to the principles and methods of the Hatha style. This practice focuses on movement and breath, and will help you create strong free-flowing prana.

Life Force

This course is available for immediate download from Pranamaya. The initial workshop includes a 25 minute introduction to the theory of Hatha yoga and its benefits. This comprehensive lecture from master teacher Mark Horner will prepare you for the 75 minute guided practice that follows. More than a guided practice, this Hatha yoga teacher training will provide you with detailed technique and guidance.

Be a Builder

The practice focuses on two important aspects of Hatha yoga; building the container and building the center. Building the container centers on increasing strength and flexibility by focusing on legs and stability. Building the center involves the creation of prana in the energetic center of the body.

Building Prana with Hatha Yoga: Workshop 1 is a comprehensive Hatha yoga training course video that you can download from Pranamaya now. Mark Horner will introduce you to the methods and principles of the Hatha practice so you can build and focus your energy. Download your video today and begin to bring more energy to your practice.

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An honor to learn from Mark Review by San Francisco Yogini
Thank you so much pranayama for this workshop. I learned so much from this class, and have incorporated this teaching into my morning practice.

Part lecture, part practice, Mark's teaching on uddiyanda banda and the breath were eye opening.

I sat with a notebook and took notes, then went through the practice. Please continue to offer classes with Mark.
(Posted on 8/14/2010)
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Extremely valuable! Review by Steven
Yesterday I bought Mark Horner's video and I was thoroughly pleased. The quality of his instruction is top notch and I will continue to watch the video many times. I haven't heard very many better explanations of Uddiyana bandha (certainly Edward Clark does a fine job as well), the movements were really good and he is a very good speaker. Mark's skill of speech, depth of knowledge and evident mastery of external and internal movements guides the mind inside as movement, breath and awareness resolve into a whole. This will reinforce any practice one currently works with. Extremely valuable information for intermediate and advanced practitioners of any style. (Posted on 12/2/2009)
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About Mark Horner Yoga DVDs Offer Premier Hatha Yoga Training

Mark Horner Yoga DVDs Offer Premier Hatha Yoga Training

Mark Horner is a Master yoga teacher who is well known in the San Francisco area, where he has been teaching yoga for almost twenty years. He has studied for over ten years under the prolific Zhander Remete, who created Shadow Yoga. This form of yoga has become an integral part of Mark’s teachings, which you can find in our  online selection of Mark Horner yoga Videos. Mark also spent a considerable amount of time learning the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, which was transmitted by the Indian sage Nisargadatta Maharaj and focuses on finding oneness within the self as well as the fundamental divine nature of man.

With such an in-depth background in yoga, Mark comes well prepared to lead a prosperous yoga community in the Bay Area.

Mark’s Moksha Yoga Shala in Walnut Creek

About ten years ago, Mark founded Moksha Yoga Shala in the popular Walnut Creek area of California. Here, he leads teacher trainings, as well as classes in Shadow Yoga, in addition to the many retreats, workshops, and programs that he administers throughout North America. Whether in person or in our Mark Horner yoga Videos, you will discover in Mark’s teachings the great benefit of his clear, concise and thoughtful approach.  

Mark’s Diverse Background

Mark brings with him vast experience as a Certified Rolfer, as well as in classical piano, rock climbing, and the study of Ayurveda and Taoist Internal Arts. This means that he presents a unique mix of creative spirit and physical knowledge to his practice. In our Mark Horner yoga Videos, you will find that he underscores the importance of strengthening inner awareness through yoga as a means to living a better, more liberated life.

Pranamaya Presents Mark Horner Videos and Other Media Products

Explore the many media products offered by Pranamaya that make Mark’s teachings available to you, including our feature interview with him on our blog, The Sacred Cow:Mark Horner on Preparatory Practices. In this Q&A, Mark explains the importance of preparatory work before asana practice (the practice of yoga poses) and how this requires patience. We are proud to deliver the widely sought-after insights as well as full lessons in our series of online Mark Horner yoga Videos.

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