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Ayurvedic Dietary Principles - Training 1

Scott Blossom - 47 minutes Broadband and Flash Required

Eating is the most important activity we engage in for determining the health of the body and the mind. In this lecture, Scott Blossom introduces the primary Doshas, their connection to the Five Elements as reflected in one's individual constitution and in the food one eats. Download now or watch online!

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Eating nourishes the tissues, which in turn nourish the mind and emotions. It is essential to bring positive attention and reverence to the process of food selection, preparation, consumption, and digestion. Ideally, meals should be enjoyed in a state of mental, emotional, and physical serenity.

Ayurvedic Dietary Principles, Training 2 explores each Dosha in detail and presents common-sense rules for making dietary choices tailored to your individual needs.

The final training in this workshop series, Ayurvedic Daily Lifestyle, helps us create a daily routine that brings us into harmony with the rhythms of nature.

Prerequisite for this course:

Please watch Scott's free introductory lecture, Yoga and Ayurveda, which presents important foundational information for the rest of this series. Course also includes a handout called Tending the Fire; click on the link to download this supplement.

You'll get the most out of this lecture series if you already know your Ayurvedic constitution. If you haven't determined this before, Scott recommends the online Ayurvedic constitution test at Banyan Botanicals.

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About Scott Blossom

Scott Blossom

Scott Blossom is a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner, Shadow Yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic Consultant. He has been studying yoga for over nineteen years and teaching for twelve. His primary teachers are hatha yoga master and founder of Shadow Yoga Zhander Remete, and Dr. Robert Svoboda, renowned Ayurvedic physician and scholar.

Be sure to check out Scott's new online Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle series today.

On the nature of resolution, Scott writes:

“We resolve to find and found, re-find or refine the light that is the gift we give and receive in many ways every year. The yoga tradition leads us to ideas of purity, contentment, intense effort, self-reflection, and surrender to Divine Will. It also leads us to the story of Prince Siddhartha, the soon-to-be Buddha, who resolved not to rise from the base of the Bodhi Tree until he had awakened to reality in its ultimate sense.

“Assailed by demons and temptresses, hunger and doubt, the Buddha stays true to his simple resolution not to leave his meditative seat at the base of the tree. Upon awakening, the world bursts into flower; reality fills with freedom and transcendent peace. This is ironic: freedom from self-imposed limitation, focus, discipline, flowers from dark night. This is the tradition and practice of making resolutions in which we allow light to manifest in ways it may not without proper preparations, attitude, work, sensitivity, and devotion.”

You may also enjoy our special Sacred Cow interview with Scott: Scott Blossom on Ayurvedic Cleansing and Balancing Doshas.

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