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Tripsichore Yoga

by Edward Clark - 2 DVDs - 330 Minutes

Join Tripsichore Yoga founder Edward Clark for Tripsichore Yoga: Advanced Vinyasa Training. This acclaimed 2-DVD intensive training introduces the extraordinary power of the Tripsichore Yoga vinyasa techniques through thrilling on-stage performances, entertaining workshop material and challenging advanced vinyasa yoga practices. Edward’s insightful teaching will illuminate the mysteries beyond your current experience of vinyasa and help advance your practice to a new level of understanding and personal reward.

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  • SKU: TRIP1
  • 5 1/2 hours
  • 2 DVDs
  • NTSC
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Possibly the Most Challenging and Inspiring Yoga DVD Ever Released!

Tripsichore (pronounced trip-sic-uh-ree) is a pioneering performance group that has astounded audiences around the world with its unique expression of vinyasa yoga on stage. Vinyasa in the Tripsichore definition is the evenly metered flow of movement, breath and thought resulting in a smooth, uninflected state of being. The group’s founding artist and performer Edward Clark is also equal parts dedicated yogi and inspiring, insightful teacher.

Tripsichore Yoga DVD highlights:

  • • 5 1/2 hours of material in a 2-DVD set
  • • 6 on-stage Tripsichore Yoga performances
  • • 90 minutes of detail exploring techniques and philosophy
  • • 3 vinyasa practices, ranging from strong intermediate to highly advanced
  • • Options for headstand or handstand variations in practices
  • • 2 Audio options: Practice Instruction and Edward's Alternate Commentary
  • • Ability to loop specific vinyasas for focused practice

Something for Everyone

The materials in this unique set offer something for every level of student. The breathtaking performances will appeal to all audiences—yogis and non-yogis alike. More dedicated practitioners will gain deeper understanding and awareness of these techniques from the theory and workshop section. And finally, the three vinyasa practices at the heart of this DVD set are appropriate for strong intermediate to highly advanced students, and not recommended for beginners.

Exploring Unique Vinyasa

On the first DVD, Edward and fellow Tripsichorean Eileen Gauthier present six of their favorite yogic performance art pieces utilizing the Tripsichore methods. These breathtaking on-stage performances, set to original music by Lagoon West, have never before been recorded on video, and will awe and inspire all who see them. They represent the fullest expression and beauty of Tripsichore Yoga technique.

This DVD also features a special theory and practice workshop in which Edward presents both the philosophy and the specific techniques that form the foundation of Tripsichore Yoga. Ninety minutes of detailed material include discussions on topics such as The Bandhas, Handstands, The Breath, Techniques for Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana, and more. These insights, delivered with Edward’s clear, intelligent delivery and engaging humor, will expand the depth of your current practice, and open doors to new areas of movement, energy and awareness.

Redefining Advanced

On the second DVD, Edward and Eileen present three full Tripsichore Yoga sequences for home practice. Each sequence explores the progression of these unusual vinyasas, building from intermediate to advanced movements. Though not suitable for beginners, the three vinyasa sequences are meant to encourage growth and transformation, inspiring you to move beyond your beliefs about physical, mental, and energetic limitations.

The first two practices, entitled ‘Simple’ and ‘Regular’, include versions that are either headstand or handstand-oriented, allowing you to chose an option that is appropriate for your experience. You may also loop many of the individual vinyasas for a more focused, specific practice of a particular movement. For the truly motivated and accomplished yogi, the DVD also includes an expert-level ‘Plus’ vinyasa sequence, incorporating many of the most difficult and beautiful Tripsichore movements.

Media Reviews

"For the past 15 years [Tripsichore] has used asana as a “theatrical vocabulary” to compose stunning dance-like productions, while developing its own unique brand of asana...the practices are a joy to watch and, along with the workshops, a treasure trove of intriguing ideas."

-- Yoga Journal

"Thanks to this challenging and compellingly creative instructional DVD, advanced yoginis can finally skip a class or a self-practice. In the two-disc set, Edward Clark, a student of yoga since 1978 and founder of the UK-based Tripsichore performance group, reveals to the public for the first time the Tripsichore Yoga techniques that have dazzled onlookers for decades."

-- FitYoga Magazine

"...Edward Clark makes magic and entertains... The awe-inspiring virtuoso on the first disc could absorb anyone... Clark is like the jazz musician of Surya Namaskar, always mixing up the notes, revivifying those who are ready for the challenge."

-- Yogi Times

"The members of Tripsichore Yoga Theatre based in England, perform a strong and graceful combination of Yoga asana (posture) and dance. Their name fittingly invokes Terpsichore, the Greek muse of dance.

“The DVD set highlighting their performance and practice aptly transfers this inspiration to the small screen. Even when they are linking together spectacular poses, such as lifting from wheel in handstand to arching variations of handstand to wheel again, or in more simple movements, it is the smooth and watery transitions that create beauty."

-- LA Yoga Magazine

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About Edward Clark

Edward Clark

Edward Clark is the creator of Tripsichore Yoga Theatre, the London based yoga group who have delighted audiences in Europe, North America and Asia with their sensual and lyric application of yoga to make serenely absorbing performance art. Tripsichore Yoga Theatre have been hailed as some of the most innovative practitioners of vinyasa yoga. Sequestered in their studio in London, England, the company has worked daily for the past 13 years to devise and refine yoga techniques of asana, pranayama, pratayahara, dharana, and dhyana, making excursions out to perform their creations to audiences worldwide. Until now, their techniques have only been taught to a very few.

Edward Clark began studying yoga in 1978. Noteworthy among his teachers are Narayani and Giris Rabinovitch, but he confesses huge admiration for the Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivananda, Iyengar and Viniyoga practices. The technique Tripsichore uses is a synthesis of many aspects of yoga. Edward says, “We are quick to disclaim that what we do is dance. While there are dancers in the company, there are others who have never been in a dance studio. They meet on a common ground of pure yoga.” Edward was also the Head Of Movement and Dance at the prestigious Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London for 20 years.

Edward says, “The concept of vinyasa as applied to yoga philosophy could either be considered very ancient or radically new. In either case, vinyasa seems to be the great contribution to yoga of this particular generation of yogis. Most yoga discipline has worked on refining one's self in the direction of greater stillness - an absence of movement in the mind and body. Superficially, vinyasa would seem to contradict this. However, the mental focus and physical technique needed to bring about continuous fluid movement can also bring one to a ‘seat’ of great stability and clarity. The stability is not only in the posture, but in the transition between postures - to the point where there is no distinction between movement and stillness. The place of vinyasa in the history of yoga is yet to be determined, but as yoga has become a world wide pursuit, it is probably safe to say that its importance now also lies in how people begin to apply it outside the more traditional places it has been practised.”

VINYASA in the Tripsichore definition is the evenly metered flow of movement, breath and thought resulting in a smooth, uninflected state of being. The techniques bring about clarity and stability to one's thoughts and actions. Tripsichore endeavours to do this in class and onstage.

You may also enjoy our special Sacred Cow interview with Edward: Edward Clark on Vinyasa, Theater, and Eka Grata.

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