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Meditation for Concentration by Lauren Toolin

Saumya Lauren Toolin - 10 minutes

Intro: This simple meditation fosters Pratyahara, also known as quieting the senses, and the ability to focus one’s attention in a relaxed manner. Antar means in her and Trataka means to gaze steadily. Inner gazing leads to increased relaxation and a greater ability to be completely focused.To prepare, You will need a lighted candle with a steady flame.

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This simple guided meditation for concentration uses Pratyahara to quiet the senses and focus your attention in a calm and serene way. The fifth element in Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, Pratyahara acts as a way to withdraw the five senses from external objects and refocuses them on a mentally-created sense of relaxation.

Take in the calm and steady your gaze with this quick and effective meditation. Marshal your focused energy to achieve whatever goal is ahead of you in a holistic and natural manner. With only a lighted candle and a steady flame, this audio meditation can help you on your path to an integrated spiritual life that includes mindful and caring living.

Lauren Toolin, a Level Two Senior ParaYoga Teacher, has been teaching for the last 20 years with the belief that yoga helps create endless potential for a happy, healthy, and loving existence. Her guided meditation for concentration will allow you to tap into your inner gaze.

Pranamaya Yoga Media allows you to choose the most useful and effective meditations for your daily use. Whether you are a first time yoga practitioner or an experienced yogi, our media helps you enhance your ability to concentrate and focus.

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About Saumya Lauren Toolin

Saumya Lauren Toolin

Lauren is a leading teacher of ParaYoga and was one of the first to be certified as a senior teacher by ParaYoga’s founder, Rod Stryker. She has closely apprenticed with Rod since 2001. She also apprenticed with Rodney Yee for many years and has studied extensively in the Iyengar tradition. An initiate of an authentic Himalayan tradition, she is been immersed in the study of Tantra, Sri Vidya and Ayurveda for more than ten years.

Decades of meditation, study and teaching have made her especially revered for her intuition and capacity to work with individuals. She has designed effective meditation, yoga and lifestyle programs for hundreds of clients. She has a unique ability to get the the heart of the matter and equip and empower people to embrace positive change. She’s renowned for her ability to convey seemingly intricate an esoteric aspects of yoga and ayurveda  in a practical, accessible way that truly transforms lives.

Lauren is regarded as an expert anatomist, and her alignment, assisting and adjusting trainings  are popular throughout the country.  As director of the worldwide ParaYoga Master Training Certification program and her own trainings through her Yoga Vidya school, she has mentored hundreds of exceptional yoga teachers and practitioners.

Her love of all things yoga has taken her beyond the mat and studio setting. She has presented workshops at the Kripalu Center, Omega, the Himalayan Institute and at many yoga events. In 2011, she founded the Women's Liberation Festival, which celebrates positive feminine power and cultivates effective action in the world.

Lauren was on the Yoga Journal team for several years, and editing its Anatomy and Asana columns.  She created, developed the content for and associate produced the PBS television special ‘The Practical Power of Yoga’ in 2009.Lauren has been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga Plus Joyful Living, Yoga International, Origin magazine and many others. She was recently recognized for being one of the most popular contributors for

Currently Lauren is based in upstate New York, where is she directs her Yoga Vidya 200 and 300 hour trainings.  She also travels widely as guest faculty and leads interesting retreats worldwide.

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