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Healing Moves Yoga

Carol Krucoff - 72 minutes

Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this guided audio practice brings the deeply nourishing experience of Carol’s popular yoga classes into your own home. The perfect CD companion to our Relax Into Yoga for Seniors DVD!

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Healing Moves is a simple, effective, and transformative yoga for anyone and everyone, designed to inspire, enlighten, and embolden people of every ability and age to adopt movement as a healing practice.

The curative powers of physical movement have been documented and respected not only since ancient times but also by modern science. Research indicates that physical activity may be the most essential aspect in promoting healthfulness and preventing disease, and regular movement strengthens your heart, enhances your lungs’ capacity, boosts your immune system’s defense system, and revs up your metabolism. Use Healing Moves Yoga from Carol Krucoff to help alleviate tension, relax your mind and body, and restore your energy.

This CD is divided into five even sections to help you focus on every aspect of your body and soul. Breathing and centering works to unite the mind and body through breath, while warm-up poses give your body a head-to-toe stretch with added strengthening postures. Standing poses and lying down poses both offer opportunities for stretching and strengthening, and the final relaxation section guides you through an all-over body tension reliever.

Healing Moves is for people of all ages, sizes, and abilities. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, this practice is based on challenging yourself while avoiding injury to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Join Carol Krucoff, a yoga therapist and fitness expert for the last 30 years, for a safe and effective way to bring movement and motion to everyone. Healing Moves provides yoga for anyone, bringing audio practice into the comfort and calm of your own home.

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About Yoga DVD for Seniors | Teach Specialized Yoga

Yoga DVD for Seniors | Teach Specialized Yoga

Yoga is universal. Yoga is for all. Yoga is not reserved for the young and limber. In yoga, we strive to improve the health of our body, mind, and spirit—three things that can help people of all ages and skill levels. This is precisely what Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff aim to promote with Yoga for Seniors.

More than just a class, Yoga for Seniors is a community, a community that is shared through Pranamaya’s Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson’s yoga DVD for seniors. Read on to learn more about Carol and Kimberly, their background, and how Yoga for Seniors came to be.

About Kimberly and Carol

Co-directors of the pioneering Yoga for Seniors teacher training at Duke Integrative Medicine and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Kimberly Carson, MPH, E-RYT and Carol Krucoff, E-RYT specialize in teaching yoga to older adults and people with health challenges.

Kimberly is a leading contributor to research establishing the therapeutic benefits of yoga and meditation for people with serious health issues. She has developed and taught numerous yoga and meditation programs at Duke University Medical Center and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) for patients with chronic pain and cancer. Kimberly co-directs both the Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors and the Yoga of Awareness teacher trainings for Cancer and Chronic Pain offered through Duke Integrative Medicine and OHSU. Her work has been published in journals such as Pain, Supportive Care in Cancer, Journal of Pain & Symptom Management, and Behavior Therapy.

Carol is a yoga therapist at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, where she creates individualized yoga practices for people with health challenges and co-directs the Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors teacher training. A frequent contributor to Yoga Journal, Carol is an award-winning journalist and fitness expert. She served as founding editor of the Health section of The Washington Post, where her syndicated column, Bodyworks, appeared for 12 years. She is author of the book Healing Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain; co-author with her cardiologist husband Mitchell Krucoff, MD, of Healing Moves: How to Cure, Relieve and Prevent Common Ailments with Exercise; and creator of the home practice CD, Healing Moves Yoga.

Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson Yoga DVD for Seniors

Kimberly and Carol’s all important Yoga for Seniors teachings are now featured in a full-length DVD available through Pranayama Yoga Media. Relax Into Yoga for Seniors combines the best of modern, evidence-based medicine with the ancient wisdom of yoga. This is a safe and gentle beginners yoga for seniors or anyone who has experienced health problems that would otherwise bar them from participating in a general yoga class. This effective and enjoyable yoga DVD for seniors is possible for virtually anyone!

Yoga for Seniors Teacher Training

Not only do Kimberly and Carol encourage the practice of yoga for seniors, they are also passionate in teaching others how to safely and properly instruct these specialized classes. It’s one thing to be a master yoga teacher, but it’s quite another to instruct and train future teachers especially in such a delicate area. Their Yoga for Seniors teacher training program has produced over 500 graduates.

Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson yoga DVD for seniors is designed as a complete practice of seniors. However, if you are interested in trying a more generalized beginners class, check out our Great for Beginners page for even more DVDs and videos to try!

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