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  1. Insight Yoga- Yin Yoga for Beginners

    Insight Yoga- Yin Yoga for Beginners
    Sarah Powers Yoga DVDs Integrate Body, Heart, and Mind...

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  2. Scott Blossom

    An Introduction to Yoga & Ayurveda
    Scott Blossom Yoga DVDs Offer Lifestyle Wisdom

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Everyday, more and more people become interested in yoga, and for good reason. But many people won’t try it for a number of not so good reasons—they don’t know yoga lingo, they don’t have a yoga outfit, or it just seems too expensive to take a class at a yoga studio. That’s what makes Pranamaya’s free downloadable media ideal. When you get our yoga for beginners free download, you don’t have to worry about not knowing names for poses, not having costly yoga pants, and you definitely don’t have to think about how expensive a yoga class can be. All you need to focus on is your yoga experience.

Pranamaya is dedicated to providing the best in yoga media because we want all our practitioners, regardless of skill level or location, to experience the overwhelming benefits of a yoga practice.

An Introduction

This yoga for beginners free download by Scott Blossom will introduce you to yoga and Ayurveda. In this video Scott introduces the primary Doshas and how these are reflected in each persons constitution, as well as their dietary choices. By making common sense dietary decisions based on your Dosha, you can help bring balance to your daily life. Scott also demonstrates the connection between an Ayurvedic lifestyle and a regular yoga practice. Find harmony within the rhythm of nature with Scott Blossom’s free download: Yoga and Ayurveda.

Get on Your Mat

Introduce yourself to yoga in the most comfortable way possible with our yoga for beginners free download. Insight Yoga for Beginners by Sarah Powers. This class begins with a brief exploration on how to develop your own yoga practice. This free course then takes practitioners through a slow, yet active practice that is perfect for students of all levels, especially those with little or no experience practicing yoga. Sarah’s expertise makes this learning experience enjoyable and approachable.

This program concludes with meditative yin yoga poses. This well rounded practice is the perfect introduction to a yoga practice, and can be followed again and again. Sarah’s blend of active, passive, and meditative yoga creates a fun and energetic environment for you to explore yoga in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Let’s Start Free

The practice of yoga can truly transform your entire life. That’s because yoga isn’t just another exercise program, it’s a way of living and being in the world. Our free yoga download videos can help introduce you to this way of life. Find balance between your daily life and your dietary choices, and bring strength and balance to your body and mind with our free downloadable media.

Let’s Start Today

What are you waiting for? There’s no commitment, just the opportunity to dip your toes into a new world and transform your life. Surely that’s worth a click. Change your world with a yoga for beginners free download from Pranamaya.

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