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Yoga Link: For Hips, Shoulder and Core - 3 Volume DVD Series

by Jill Miller

Tune-up your hips, shoulders and core with the invigorating and best-selling Yoga Link 3 Volume DVD Series featuring internationally renowned yoga teacher, Jill Miller. Hip Helpers, Core Integration and Shoulder Shape-Up DVDs are available at a special discounted 50% savings! Order Now and experience the immense rewards of Jill Miller's Yoga Link Series!*

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Improve Flexibility, Stability, Coordination and Health

If you spend any amount of time sitting or hunched over a keyboard, chances are that tension has accumulated in your shoulders and hips, making them stiff and achy. Give your body the care and attention it needs and deserves with Yoga Link: Hips, Shoulder, and Core. This specialized practice will help open you up in the places where your body has stored stress and create strength and flexibility its place. Yoga link for hips and shoulders will keep you in well-rounded shape, whether you use yoga to cross train for another sport or are an experienced yogi looking to apply some extra attention to the places that need it most.

Featuring Expert Instructor Jill Miller

This series is led by lauded expert Jill Miller, who has created an approachable yet engaging and creative flow to round out this yoga link for hips and shoulders session. The guided workshop segment walks you through the basics to keep your practice safe and enjoyable. The second section consists of guided movement to take you through strength and flexibility-increasing poses. The Breathing Primer will walk you through the key breath techniques you’ll need to make the most of your practice, while the bonus exercises offer an extra dose of strength and sweetness to round out your experience.

This series includes all three Yoga Link DVDs: Hip Helpers, Core Integration and Shoulder Shape-Up DVDs at a special discounted price!*

Each DVD includes:

  • • Guided Workshop - detailed exercise instruction

  • • Guided Practice - full routine for regular practice

  • • Breathing Primer - essential breathing techniques

  • • Bonus Exercises

Special Features:

  • • English Subtitle option for all material• Bonus MP3s of practice for audio-only class

Easy Access to an Ageless Art

Each DVD in the Yoga Link series targets specific regions of our bodies that, according to Jill Miller, tend to be areas of chronic weakness and congestion: "We spend too much time sitting idle at computers and in cars with poor posture. Practicing Yoga Link's techniques, anyone can create healthy balanced hips, shoulders, and a powerful core to break through the cycle of pain that stems from our everyday habits."

*This series counts as one product for the Buy 2 DVDs, Get 1 DVD Free special offer.

Customer Reviews

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excellent DVD Review by fitnessfan
I am a fairly fit person who has been working out doing cardio, weight training and basic stretching for about 30 years. I have not done much yoga. A year ago I injured my right shoulder and elbow area and triceps. With pain in both shoulder and elbow, I was unable to do many of my usual exercise routines and had to basically stop upper body weight training totally due to the elbow pain. I tried many things to recover and became weaker and more frustrated as many months passed, then a year. To make a long story short this DVD made the most difference in my recovery. I am now almost back to normal. The entire DVD, shoulder workshop and extra stretches, has helped me enormously. Not only has this practice helped my shoulders, but also my wrists, both elbows, and forearms. I work with computers all day and this has really improved my entire upper body flexibility and feeling. My interest in yoga overall has increased a lot and I will be doing more. HIGHLY recommend!!! (Posted on 12/19/2012)
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Thank you! Review by Nina
I have chronic lower back issues that generally I can keep in check through my yoga practice, but not always. I live in Connecticut and practice at West Hartford Yoga. About a year ago one of my teachers, Nykki Poole, mentioned your Core Integration dvd in class. I am writing to say thank you because it's really helped me tremendously in keeping my back healthy or using when I am suffering more than usual for immediate releif. You have wonderful energy and spirit and I'm sure there are a lot of other "strangers" out there who feel like you are a teacher to them. I love when you say "stay interested in what you are doing". It's so easy in our practice and in our daily lives to be on auto-pilot. (Posted on 12/19/2012)
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Has changed my practice Review by Sarah Dufresne
I am a student from a previous Core Awakening workshop at Kripalu. I felt compelled to write and tell you about my magnificent progress. After what I believe to be two years doing your practice DVD's for your core and now starting hip openers, I have finally, no hands, no alterations, pretty much painfully mastered the side boat pose. I have been very influenced by this pose since I first saw your dvd. Determined to conquer it, now saying that pretty much every good day of my practice I am able to perform this pose. I did not think it would take two years, but finally after all the preparation I let go and pulled my hands from the ground and there it was, I was doing the position. Next time around I tried to lower and lift my legs in congruency of my breathing, and look wow there it was again.

This pose alone has changed my practice and gives me the confidence that i can do any pose as long as I put forth the energy and consciousness needed to do the practice everyday.

Thanks again.
(Posted on 12/18/2012)
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Excellent value and easy to access and learn from at any level Review by John Hackett
I have bought Jill's DVD's before and found them informative and easy to access. Jill's style as she talks you through the variety of exercises is easy to follow and understand. As she is showing you in real time you get a sense of exactly how you can do them yourself. Each DVD is divided into sections and straight forward to get into them.

Whenever I sense a little staleness in my practice or I need a nudge of inspiration, then I pop one these DVD's into the player and reconnect with the ideas, exercises and asanas you demonstrate. I enjoy Jill's sense of humour and how in touch she is with the little variations and alternatives she demonstrates. I have a long way to go, but each time I watch any of the DVD's, I come away with something to enhance my practice.

If you are looking for DVD's to move you on to the next level of your practice, then these are what you are looking for.
(Posted on 12/18/2012)
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Media Reviews

"Yoga Tune-Up is an appropriate title for Jill Miller’s work with asana (posture) and breath, developed as a result of 23 years of her experience with yoga, dance and a number of bodywork modalities. And in this work, it is not hyperbole to say that she is a genius"

-- LA Yoga Magazine

"Those new to Jill Miller and craving someone who can teach them about the way that their body moves are likely to find a new love here. Personally, I'm glad to see Miller getting the increased attention and recognition that she deserves through this new series, as she casts a unique light upon a crowded yoga media field. And finally, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jill Miller's Yoga Link series in general and [Hip Helpers] in particular...few other yoga teachers will challenge you to explore your body in such an intense yet accessible manner"

-- Beth Cholette, Ph.D., Metapsychology Today

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About Jill Miller Yoga DVDs Blend Science With an Ageless Art

Jill Miller Yoga DVDs Blend Science With an Ageless Art

Pranamaya prides itself on working with a variety of teachers. Jill Miller is a teacher who stands out for her entrepreneurial nature. She created Yoga Tune Up® and is the co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide. Our Jill Miller yoga DVDs feature various styles. Jill Miller’s Yoga Link DVDs focus on key areas like the shoulder, core, and hips to help improve flexibility and stability in targeted problem areas. They are particularly helpful for students seeking to ease pain or heal an injury. This makes Jill Miller DVDs a perfect fit for our product line, which is designed to bring a variety of yoga to the home.

Jill’s Yoga Link series are designed to ease problems areas that are prone to chronic pain. Each lesson builds strength in weak muscles and helps broaden flexibility. Our Jill Miller yoga DVDs are a great way to start your self-care regime. Each lesson in the Yoga Link series has a portion dedicated to deep breathing techniques to help students gain the most benefit from their session. The program is appropriate for all levels of ability.

A Wealth of Experience

Jill brings with her an incredible 28 years of experience in the field. Due to her truly creative ways of bringing yoga to the a wide audience, she has become a well-known figure in the yoga and fitness communities. Her widespread popularity has propelled her to write books such as The Roll Model and create DVDs such as Treat While You Train, as well as all of the Jill Miller yoga DVDs found on our website.

The Yoga Link series helps to heal every area of the body on a highly targeted basis using slow, deliberate poses and transitions that help ease and elongate muscles. Many individuals have discovered the benefits of Jill’s style, relieving pain throughout their bodies as they exercise. Discover this smart approach for yourself with our Jill Miller DVDs and start healing your body today.

Vast Media Coverage

Even the general public has gotten to know Jill. Media outlets from Yoga Journal to the Oprah Winfrey Network’s OWN Show have featured her to highlight her work, opening up her method to a huge audience. Her yoga method is so accessible, and with our Jill Miller yoga DVDs, even more so. The technique is also practical, incorporating tips to help heal your specific ailments while you train. It is no wonder her techniques have caught on.

Where to Find Jill’s Programs

Jill’s programs are popping up at health clubs, corporate health centers, spas, and more. Pranamaya is also happy to provide Jill’s teachings to you through our media products, including Jill Miller yoga DVDs. As always, our at-home training option is brought to you at a fraction of what it would cost to learn these methods in a real-life class or workshop. Take advantage of our merchandise and start improving your health today!

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