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Relax Into Yoga for Seniors

Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff

Yoga for Seniors DVD combines the best of modern, evidence-based medicine with the ancient wisdom of yoga. Kimberly and Carol’s extensive experience working with older adults and people with health challenges in their pioneering Yoga for Seniors program has helped them create safe, gentle, effective practices that bring the therapeutic benefits of yoga to everyone..

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Safe, Gentle, Beginners Yoga for Seniors

Yoga guru B. K. S. Iyengar said, “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” Rather that seek to “cure” aging with unnatural fixes, yoga teaches you to endure, and even enjoy, the process.

Pranamaya presents the DVD Relax Into Yoga for Seniors as a means to age gracefully. This yoga for seniors DVD has gotten five-star ratings and rave reviews from our customers. Take a look at it yourself to see why!

What Can You Expect to Learn?

In this yoga for seniors DVD, Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff lead viewers through a practice that blends current medical guidance with the traditional teachings of yoga—making for a powerful health too. The DVD is safe, gentle, and effective for anyone at any age.

DVD Highlights

Specific areas of focus in Relax Into Yoga for Seniors include:

  • • Sustain or build strength and mobility.

  • • Encourage balance, flexibility, and confidence.

  • • Increase relaxation abilities in the mind and body.

  • • Practices that are suitable for people of all ages, fitness, and mobility levels.

Who Is This DVD For?

Though the DVD Relax Into Yoga for Seniors is marketed towards older individuals, it is appropriate for anyone looking to advance their yoga practice in a calm, manageable manner.

Relax Into Yoga for Seniors DVDprovides the following benefits:

  • • Maintain or increase strength and mobility

  • • Promote balance, flexibility and confidence

  • • Develop relaxation skills for mind and body

  • • Provide accessible practices for people of all ages, fitness and mobility levels

Highlights include:

  • • Seated Sequence: Poses are done seated in a chair

  • • Seated and Standing Sequence: Standing poses are done near a sturdy chair

  • • Up and Down Sequence: Poses are done lying down, seated in a chair and standing

  • • Bed-Based Sequence: All postures are done lying down

  • • Relaxation Sequence: Seated practice to calm your nervous system

  • • Core-Strengthening: Postures to strengthen the abdomen and back

  • • Balance-Building: Standing postures to promote strength and stability

Special features:

  • • Large English Subtitle option for all material

  • • Bonus MP3s for portable practice

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Customer Reviews

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A DVD is essential to the yoga industry! Review by Shin-Yiing Yeung
Gentle yoga is often times not offered at yoga studios and this DVD makes this style of yoga more accessible. The teachers in the video provide safe options to serve all types of medical needs and conditions. I feel confident in recommending this video to my yoga students who want to maintain a home practice! (Posted on 9/18/2012)
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Easy-to-follow, safe therapeutic yoga Review by Yoga for Everyone
Upon trying out the “Relax into Yoga” DVD, I personally felt relaxed. It works! Whatever “it" is, this video has it. As a physical therapist, I appreciate the Safety Guidelines, taking note of awareness, using breath with movement and alternative set-ups, as well as getting up/down from the floor. Most yoga DVD’s do not have this. I appreciated the breath awareness in all sequences, especially the tactile 3-part breath instruction. This is how I teach my patients, and it would be nice to send them home with a visual/audio of the same instruction. The same applies to the sequences, many of which I currently use with my patients. I also appreciate the gentle reminders throughout, to keep checking in with sensations. It would be nice to see this in other yoga videos. On the same note, by allowing the users to have time to experience the practice without talking, as in the Relaxation portion is invaluable. This time is usually not included in typical yoga videos. I like that some of the practices are repeated amongst sequences so that users can become familiar with them, versus having to learn a multitude of different asana and Pranayama. I practiced along with some of the sequences. And I found it easy to follow while I was watching the models, or if I had my eyes closed. The language is easy to follow.

Thus far, I have allowed several patients to borrow my copy and they each came back reporting they had purchased their own copy. Their comments included that the directions were easy to follow and it was something they could see themselves doing each week. Thank you for providing my patients with a home method for healing.

--Tianna Meriage-Reiter, DPT, PYT-c
Owner JustBreathePT in Alameda, CA
(Posted on 9/11/2012)
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An excellent DVD for students with adaptive yoga needs. Review by Noralea Dalkin E-RYT 200
Carol and Kimberly's clear and innovative approach to poses is both enjoyable and instructive. I especially enjoyed their progressive manner of getting into Garudasana (Eagle Pose).

I have been teaching Adaptive Yoga to older students for ten years. Relax Into Yoga is an excellent resource which I will be recommending to my students.
Carol and Kimberly's meditative and loving approach to the practice of yoga is a blessing to their students.

Noralea Dalkin E-RYT
(Posted on 8/27/2012)
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An Exquisite Way to Ease Into Yoga Review by Annette Hyde, RYT 500 ERYT 200, Fairfax, VA
"Relax Into Yoga" is a wonderful DVD for older adults and those with health challenges looking to begin a yoga practice. Carol and Kimberly's exquisite cueing makes this practice safe and mindful. Reviewing the "Safety Guidelines" section is a must for beginners. The practices can be done alone or put together for a longer sequence. In the 55 minute session, some poses are held longer, so it is important for those starting out to build strength through practicing the shorter sessions first. This is also a must-have for teachers. (Posted on 8/27/2012)
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Safe movement practices to improve wellness Review by Suzanne Scranton, RYT 200
Safe, understandable and non-intimidating yoga instruction for anyone desiring greater well-being!

I've had the great benefit of learning directly from Kimberly and Carol and can assure you that you and your body/mind are in good hands!
(Posted on 8/8/2012)
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This DVD is a must for our aging population who for whatever reason have not found yoga yet, and an excellent and indispensible tool for those of us who work with that population. Review by Henri Ferguson ERYT-200, RYT-500
In today’s youth focused and market driven yoga business it is very likely that many seniors will dismiss the notion of yoga practice with “I could never do that and this just isn’t for me”. Based on the assumption that their aging bodies with multiple physiological and psychological issues puts yoga and its many deep and profound benefits out of reach is an unfortunate and untested belief that needs to be challenged. Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff have with meticulous research and vast hands on experience created the DVD “Relax into Yoga” that takes on this challenge with indisputable proof that yoga is for every body!
They have de-mystified this ancient practice with easy to understand language and simple modifications for virtually any disability that will make a believer of anyone who takes the time to explore all that is offered here.
One cannot underestimate the therapeutic benefits of simple breath work and a conscious connecting of mind with the physical body; this yoga practice will do that. Quality of life is to a large extent defined by mobility so with this gentle and effective practice even the smallest degree of range of motion and mobility will enhance quality of life.
This is a recession proof investment in yourself.
(Posted on 8/8/2012)
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A truly accessible, therapeutic yoga practice Review by Diana Munger, PT, DPT, RYT
I thoroughly enjoyed Relax into Yoga. As a physical therapist, I am very appreciative of the focus on safety and the research that went into the development of your DVD is evident. I would feel very confident recommending this video to even the most frail of my patients. The detailed instructions and demonstrations for moving to/from the floor and safe rolling are excellent. You have addressed the most common questions and concerns I hear from patients when I suggest they begin a gentle yoga practice. The language used in combination with the safe physical movements, create a truly accessible, therapeutic yoga practice.

Relax Into Yoga is ideal for any number of health challenges such as generalized weakness, balance disorders, osteoporosis, and neurological changes, as well as for the older adult who is discovering yoga for the first time. Relax into Yoga is on the recommended educational list in my physical therapy practice. Thank you for compiling your experience, knowledge, and research into this wonderful DVD.

Diana Munger, PT, DPT, RYT
Owner, Desert Physical Therapy & Women's Health Center, LLC
Phoenix, AZ
(Posted on 7/28/2012)
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Excellent ~ an important contribution to our field. A must-have for teachers of this population and a valuable resource for students. Review by Shauna MacKay, BPE, RYT- 500, Negotiating Cancer: Yoga for Wellness and Recovery
Teaching safe and effective yoga to students with physical limitations or health challenges takes a great deal of skill and experience. Kimberly and Carol have both. Leaders in the field, they have designed an intelligent program with clear, detailed instructions, optimum pacing and gentle suggestions to modify the program to meet the needs of a variety of students. However, the power of this program can be found in the underlying intention to bring the students more deeply into their bodies, breath and experience on the mat. Make no mistake, this not merely an exercise video, this is a yoga video that will leave students feeling more relaxed and at ease in their bodies and more open and center in their being. (Posted on 7/28/2012)
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Media Reviews

”Relying on scientific study and a wealth of experience, Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson have designed gentle, safe and effective yoga practices for older students of varying physical abilities. This is ‘real world’ yoga, with a choice of routines and helpful tips for adapting them to your needs.“

-- Timothy McCall, MD, Author of Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing

"This DVD is perfect for anyone who wants to safely and effectively incorporate yoga into their wellness routine."

–Adam Perlman, MD, MPH, FACP, Executive Director, Duke Integrative Medicine

"Carson and Krucoff's DVD Relax Into Yoga is a product any health professional can recommend with confidence. Not only is it "Safe and Simple", it is Smart. The guidance, the simplicity and most important, the accessibility set it apart from any other instructional DVD on yoga in the market. As a more frail population seeks the healing benefits of yoga, this DVD will serve as a gold standard for safety for all future productions."

–Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD, ERYT-500, Past President of the International Yoga Therapy Association

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About Yoga DVD for Seniors | Teach Specialized Yoga

Yoga DVD for Seniors | Teach Specialized Yoga

Yoga is universal. Yoga is for all. Yoga is not reserved for the young and limber. In yoga, we strive to improve the health of our body, mind, and spirit—three things that can help people of all ages and skill levels. This is precisely what Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff aim to promote with Yoga for Seniors.

More than just a class, Yoga for Seniors is a community, a community that is shared through Pranamaya’s Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson’s yoga DVD for seniors. Read on to learn more about Carol and Kimberly, their background, and how Yoga for Seniors came to be.

About Kimberly and Carol

Co-directors of the pioneering Yoga for Seniors teacher training at Duke Integrative Medicine and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Kimberly Carson, MPH, E-RYT and Carol Krucoff, E-RYT specialize in teaching yoga to older adults and people with health challenges.

Kimberly is a leading contributor to research establishing the therapeutic benefits of yoga and meditation for people with serious health issues. She has developed and taught numerous yoga and meditation programs at Duke University Medical Center and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) for patients with chronic pain and cancer. Kimberly co-directs both the Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors and the Yoga of Awareness teacher trainings for Cancer and Chronic Pain offered through Duke Integrative Medicine and OHSU. Her work has been published in journals such as Pain, Supportive Care in Cancer, Journal of Pain & Symptom Management, and Behavior Therapy.

Carol is a yoga therapist at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, where she creates individualized yoga practices for people with health challenges and co-directs the Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors teacher training. A frequent contributor to Yoga Journal, Carol is an award-winning journalist and fitness expert. She served as founding editor of the Health section of The Washington Post, where her syndicated column, Bodyworks, appeared for 12 years. She is author of the book Healing Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain; co-author with her cardiologist husband Mitchell Krucoff, MD, of Healing Moves: How to Cure, Relieve and Prevent Common Ailments with Exercise; and creator of the home practice CD, Healing Moves Yoga.

Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson Yoga DVD for Seniors

Kimberly and Carol’s all important Yoga for Seniors teachings are now featured in a full-length DVD available through Pranayama Yoga Media. Relax Into Yoga for Seniors combines the best of modern, evidence-based medicine with the ancient wisdom of yoga. This is a safe and gentle beginners yoga for seniors or anyone who has experienced health problems that would otherwise bar them from participating in a general yoga class. This effective and enjoyable yoga DVD for seniors is possible for virtually anyone!

Yoga for Seniors Teacher Training

Not only do Kimberly and Carol encourage the practice of yoga for seniors, they are also passionate in teaching others how to safely and properly instruct these specialized classes. It’s one thing to be a master yoga teacher, but it’s quite another to instruct and train future teachers especially in such a delicate area. Their Yoga for Seniors teacher training program has produced over 500 graduates.

Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson yoga DVD for seniors is designed as a complete practice of seniors. However, if you are interested in trying a more generalized beginners class, check out our Great for Beginners page for even more DVDs and videos to try!

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