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Yoga Link | Hip Helpers

with Jill Miller

Join acclaimed yoga teacher Jill Miller for Yoga Link | Hips Helpers, a unique Yoga-based practice specifically designed to break through the weakness and congestion in our hips caused by the unhealthy habits of our modern lifestyles. This series of extraordinarily deep hip and psoas exercises strengthens you from the inside out and is designed to penetrate congested connective tissue, stimulate weak muscles, and release tension throughout your body.

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  • 151 minutes
  • 1 DVD
  • NTSC
  • All Regions


Improve Flexibility, Stability, Coordination and Health

Yoga Link | Hip Helpers - Harmonizing the Hips from Inside Out exercises the hips from all directions. These techniques free the legs and hips and improve overall flexibility, stability, coordination and health. A perfect complement to your current yoga, dance or fitness practice.

There is a special focus on loosening the psoas, a frequently tight and restricted primary hip flexor muscle. Lengthening and liberating the psoas is key to releasing tension and pain throughout the body because its health directly impacts our posture. The psoas is like a cable that hooks the spine to the legs. It also shares attachments with the diaphragm and large intestine, so it is connected to our physiology and our nervous system in a way that other muscles are not. You wil get better results unwinding other areas of the body if you release the psoas muscles first.

Highlights from this DVD include:

  • • Hips Workshop - detailed exercise instruction (60 min)
  • • Hips Practice - full routine for regular practice (58 min)
  • • Breathing Primer - essential breathing techniques (15 min)
  • • Bonus Advanced Standing Pose workshop (16 min)

Special Features:

  • • English Subtitle option for all material• Bonus MP3s of practice for audio-only class

The Yoga Link Collection

Each DVD in the Yoga Link series targets specific regions of our bodies that, according to Jill Miller, tend to be areas of chronic weakness and congestion: "We spend too much time sitting idle at computers and in cars with poor posture. Using Yoga Link's techniques, anyone can create healthy balanced hips, shoulders, and a powerful core to break through the cycle of pain that stems from our everyday habits."

Media Reviews

"Yoga Tune-Up is an appropriate title for Jill Miller’s work with asana (posture) and breath, developed as a result of 23 years of her experience with yoga, dance and a number of bodywork modalities. And in this work, it is not hyperbole to say that she is a genius"

-- LA Yoga Magazine

"Those new to Jill Miller and craving someone who can teach them about the way that their body moves are likely to find a new love here. Personally, I'm glad to see Miller getting the increased attention and recognition that she deserves through this new series, as she casts a unique light upon a crowded yoga media field. And finally, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jill Miller's Yoga Link series in general and [Hip Helpers] in particular...few other yoga teachers will challenge you to explore your body in such an intense yet accessible manner"

-- Beth Cholette, Ph.D., Metapsychology Today

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About Jill Miller

Jill Miller

A student of yoga since age 14, Jill Miller brings more than 23 years of expertise, including the moving arts of Modern Dance, Pilates, Bodytuning, Breathwork, Shiatsu, and Butoh. Her teaching playfully integrates the nuts and bolts of human movement coupled with yogic philosophy, creating a unique experience that builds conscious awareness within every aspect your practice. With a focus on removing tension from the body, releasing entrapments of the mind and reconnecting you to your core, her innovative approach strengthens you from the inside out.

Jill’s enthusiasm for yoga is contagious. She inspires all levels from newcomer to teacher with her daring, playful and highly original style; her philosophy is deeply rooted in the work of longtime mentor Glenn Black (Iyengar Yoga/ Bodytuning Massage). For nine years she has taught at The Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY, while also leading workshops, retreats, and trainings internationally. Well known for her deep gut work, she has been featured in Fit Yoga, Yoga Journal, Breathe Magazine, Yogi Times and NPR. The Los Angeles Times calls her "kinetically arresting."

Prompted by an urge to establish a truer and more tangible connection to her core, she created the popular Core Integration - A Total Abdominal Awakening, and Yoga Tune Up® series. Jill’s latest program, Yoga Link – Easy Access to an Ageless Art is designed to help you gain a specialized knowledge of your own body so you can intelligently and systematically prime yourself for every category of yoga asana. Throughout this series, Jill deconstructs poses into accessible, digestible units, the way a skilled mechanic disassembles an engine to empower you in creating a lifetime of healthy movement habits and a refined Yogic awareness.

You may also enjoy our special Sacred Cow interview with Jill: Jill Miller Talks About Tuning In.

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