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Target Problem Areas with These Essential Yoga Poses for Back Pain

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There are many causes of back pain, and many different areas that can be affected. However, one thing is true for all cases: no one wants to suffer from any type of back pain. Yoga can be an excellent way to relieve back pain. Pranamaya Yoga Media offers DVD options so that you can find the best yoga DVD for back pain as it relates to your specific case.

Upper Back and Body

Tens of thousands of people suffer from upper back pain. Tightness and aching of the neck, shoulders, and upper back area can be caused by many factors, such as slouching, improper lifting, accidents, injuries, or a chronic illnesses. Regardless of the reason, certain essential yoga poses can help you target the problem areas and offer you relief.

cat cow pose

Forward Bend

In this pose your hands are on or near the ground, legs are straight, and your weight is shifted onto your toes allowing your back to open up. Hold this pose while you take in multiple deep breaths.

Cat Cow Pose

Start with your knees and hands on the floor. Upon exhale, round the spine upwards and bring the chin in. When you inhale, slowly arch your back and raise your head.

The best yoga DVD for back pain will teach you these and similar moves that address upper back pain. One option is Pranamaya’s DVD for shoulders, neck, and upper back, available here.

Lower Back Pain

A common problem area for many people, the lower back can ache for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is prolonged sitting. Think about it: if you have a job where you work at a desk, then you spend the majority of your day in a seated position. This also includes your commute to and from work and then, for many people, an hour or two unwinding in front of the television.

The good news is that yoga poses can help, and the best yoga DVD for back pain will teach you movements to reduce or relieve pain.

Urdhva Prasarita Padasana


Start with your stomach on the floor and use your forearms to prop yourself up. With your elbows under your shoulders, press your weight into your palms and feet and then push your pubic bone forward. Hold this pose for one to three minutes. You can also adapt this post and use your palms.

Pranamaya features a lower back pain DVD that will eliminate lower back pain and rejuvenate your body.

Chronic Back Pain

All of the aforementioned poses can be helpful for chronic back pain, and the best yoga DVD for back pain will include some or all of these poses. There are also additional poses that can be helpful for back pain in general.

Wall Stretch

In this stretch you will lie on your back, align your glutes directly against a wall, straighten your feet, and relax your spine.

Dwipada Pitham, or The Bridge Pose

Begin by lying on your back with your arms by your sides. Please your feet hip distance apart. Inhaling, lift the pelvis and back upwards. Hold for five breaths. Exhaling, return to starting position.

Urdhva Prasarita Padasana

For a complete back care series, check out this DVD from Pranamaya.

Back pain can stem from a variety of places, but finding a yoga routine that focuses on specific areas can be very helpful. The best yoga DVD for back pain will be one that targets the area(s) bothering you and one that features poses for your ability level.


An Introduction to Shamatha Meditation

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Shamatha meditation

Meditation is used by many people for a variety of reasons. Some use the practice as a way to relax their mind and clear it of unnecessary thoughts; others as a way to address and relieve certain health issues, and some to relieve anxiety or stress. Shamatha meditation builds on some of these ideas and takes the process of clearing the mind to a new level. This type of meditation focuses on strengthening and stabilizing the mind.

Overcoming Bewilderment

One of the guiding principles of meditation is that changing the way the mind works will change the things that we do. For instance, if you focus on positive thoughts, we then will do positive things. By meditating, you go on a quest to find out the truth of who you are; a quest to overcome bewilderment, which can be accomplished by learning how your individual mind works.

Shamatha meditation is a form of meditation that anyone can take on. Shamatha means “peacefully abiding” in Sanskrit, and through this type of meditation a person seeks to make their mind useful and take on the journey of understanding their own mind.

As humans, we are constantly overwhelmed by circumstances in our daily lives, and these circumstances distract us and lead us to do things that we might not otherwise choose. By gaining an understanding of the mind and taking control of it, you can move through life with intent and stability.

Find Your Answers and Truths

Through Shamatha meditation, and really any form of meditation, you peacefully exist. You are in tune with yourself and your breathing to overcome the obstacle of bewilderment, ultimately learning to exist in a calm state.  When you are able to achieve a peaceful state, then you are also able to see how easily your mind has been corrupted by other emotions that block it from its natural state of peace.

In this peaceful state, many questions can be analyzed and solved with a clear mind. Meditation is extremely personal and the process varies per individual. Many people associate meditation with spirituality, and it can indeed be tied to your spiritual beliefs—but it does not have to be.

Anyone can take on the task of learning to clear their mind and reap the benefits while they make progress in doing so. Once you have learned to stabilize your mind through Shamatha meditation, you can focus on virtually anything you want!

colorful meditate

How to Practice Shamatha

During this specific type of meditation, it is customary to sit cross-legged and maintain good posture. While meditating, you will want to focus on your breathing, or an outside object, and pay attention to the the workings of your mind. Breathe and let your mind be at peace.

It is especially important to practice putting your mind in a peaceful state due to the amount of technological distractions you now confront on a daily basis. It seems as though attention spans have shrunk in recent years. We are all constantly competing with a wide range of issues for control of our own minds and technology tends to remind us of these issues that would have otherwise naturally dissipated.

Practicing Shamatha meditation allows you to gain back that control and gain a sense of clarity. Try it yourself with Alan Wallace’s excellent Shamatha meditation workshop that takes the viewer through a five-day Shamatha meditation journey.


3 Yoga Meditation Techniques to Reduce Anxiety

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Yoga meditation

Have you ever had one of those days where you can’t seem to clear your head, and anxiety keeps you too overwhelmed to get work accomplished? Yoga and meditation centers around clearing your mind and getting in touch with your inner peace. You might be thinking to yourself that you don’t have time to invest in yoga classes. Luckily, you can order a yoga meditation DVD, like Chakra Theory and Meditation with Paul Grilley, and practice in the convenience of your own home!


Before you start thinking that you can’t participate in yoga because you don’t have experience, remember that yoga meditation is about finding a balance within yourself. Yoga meditation allows you to focus and connect on a spiritual level. Once you are able to control your mindset, you’ll be able to control your anxiety.


Here are just a few things you’ll learn from the yoga meditation DVD that will help you to reduce your anxiety:


Controlling Your Breathing: It may seem like a basic practice, but having a deep, steady control over your breathing can calm you down in the most stressful situations and reduce your anxiety. Most yoga practices begin in the standard sitting position with your hands on your knees and your spine straight. Take several deep breaths in and out until you find a rhythm that you’re comfortable with and maintain it throughout your practice. A yoga dvd like Gary Kraftsow’s Viniyoga Therapy for Anxiety is a prime choice for gentle, therapeutic yoga that focuses on breath.


Focusing on Inner Energy: It’s not always easy to find that focus on your inner energy. With the guidance of your expert teacher in a yoga meditation DVD, you’ll be able to discover that focus and channel your inner energy into positive thoughts. Those positive thoughts and clarity of mind will help reduce your anxiety and enable you to prioritize what’s important in your life.


There are several poses and techniques that are specifically used for focusing on inner energy. The core technique in most yoga practices is Downward Dog, which is also a resting pose. Downward Dog puts you into a position where your entire body is balanced with an equal amount of space and your spine is relaxed, allowing you to focus on your breathing.


Humming and Chanting: Another phenomenal technique for reducing anxiety through yoga meditation is humming and chanting. Sometimes letting out a vocal deep breath, or airy hymn, can really lift a load off of your shoulders! Don’t be afraid to vocalize during your practice, or along with your teacher in a yoga meditation DVD.


You can also download additional soundtracks to play while you practice your yoga meditation, or whenever you need to feel at ease. Everything you need to reduce anxiety through yoga meditation is available at Pranamaya, so browse our variety of teachings.



The Chakra Meditation Guide for Beginners

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The seven chakras are the energy centers of our body. Blocking the energy in any of these seven chakras can lead to emotional or even physical illness. Chakra meditation can help you achieve balance in your spiritual life that translates into your everyday life.


If you find chakras a bit daunting, this is the chakra meditation guide for you. This simple guide will help you begin the process of meditation, an understanding of your own chakras, and how they affect your own life. Even if you have never done chakra work before, this beginner’s guide will set you on a new path.

Mind as Body

Before you begin your meditation, it is essential to understand how chakras relate to our lives. Think of chakras as the inner manifestation of your outer feelings and behaviors. For example, if you are having pain in your relationships, that is directly connected to an upset in your solar plexus and heart. What happens in your outer life is a reflection of the balance of your inner chakras. By harmonizing your chakras you can begin spiritual healing.


Understanding the Chakras
Your seven chakras are not only associated with particular physical and spiritual parts of your body. They are represented by a specific color. Knowing these are vital in beginning your meditation. Our chakra meditation guide offers a brief overview of each chakra:

Root: Also known as the base chakra, this one is located in your tailbone and is red. The root chakra is about being physically present and comfortable wherever you are; it makes you stable and secure.

Sacral: The sacral chakra is responsible for feelings and sexuality, and is connected to passion and intimacy. This orange chakra is a few inches under your belly button.

Solar Plexus: Located between your rib cage, the yellow solar plexus chakra is linked to self-assurance, self-esteem, and self-control.

Heart: This heart chakra is all about love. Green in color, it is centered in your chest and brings feelings of compassion and tenderness.

Throat: The blue throat chakra is self-expression and creativity. An open throat chakra often indicates an artist.

Third Eye: This chakra, positioned on the forehead in between the brows, is indigo and deals with intelligence and observation, as well as psychic abilities or a sixth sense.   

Crown: The seventh chakra, which is violet, is located at the top of the head and helps with your connection to the world and to a higher power, in addition to wisdom.


Opening the Chakras

Chakra Meditation Guide

To open these chakras, start seated, your back in alignment, so that your weight is balanced centrally. Then, slow your breathing to a strong and steady breath. Finally, focus on the color radiating from the corresponding area in your body. Imagine that it is a spinning, spiraling light emanating from your body. Feel that color, that warmth, which will help you open the chakra and feel the energy in that specific location.



Want to learn more about the theories and concepts behind chakra meditation? Paul Grilley’s Chakra Theory and Meditation is a complete guide to the practice and ideas of chakras and the yogic path of the spirit. As an acclaimed yoga teacher and scholar, Grilley can lead you to the next level of happiness and health with his chakra meditation guide.



How to Determine the Best Meditation DVD for Your Needs

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best meditation dvd

If you are new to meditation, it  is worthwhile to seek out a guide into the practice. The best meditation DVD, online courses and audio downloads will enhance your experience of the meditation style in which you are interested. You might actually be surprised to find that there is more than one reason or way to meditate. Meditation can be helpful for improved concentration and memory, plus relief for anxiety, depression, and even insomnia. In general, meditation will leave you feeling clear and balanced; able to deal with the ups and downs of life from a stable center.

What Is Your Purpose?

Meditating BuddhaThe biggest factor in determining which type of meditation will be right for you is what you are looking to accomplish through meditation. For some, meditation is a way to relax. If this is you, the deep relaxation technique called “yoga nidra” might be right for you. Others might meditate to move beyond negative tendencies or thought patterns. There are many meditations for emotional and physical healing.

Know Your Goals

The best meditation DVD will teach you techniques that allow you to get whatever it is you are looking for from the practice of meditation. Knowing what you hope to gain from meditation will help you discover a practice that is more likely to work for you.

Learn the Basics

woman meditatingThe best meditation DVD will start you off on the right path and offer tips and techniques that will allow you to grow and reap the benefits that you are searching for. If you are a teacher wanting to brush up or take your practice a bit deeper, an online course or DVD can provide insight into the philosophy of meditation, give you additional techniques and knowledge that you can embody through practice and then share with your students. A perfect way to have your own personal meditation retreat is to do an online meditation retreat. Get the kids out of the house and get your meditation cushion and your favorite tea.

The best meditation DVD will help you get the most from your meditation sessions and ultimately lead you towards your goals.


The Best Yoga DVD for Seniors Should Include These 3 Benefits

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 has become an increasingly popular form of exercise over the past few years—and it’s no surprise. Practicing yoga has a variety of health benefits as it helps promote relaxation and combat stress. One of the great things about yoga routines is that they can be created or modified to accommodate specific needs. Anyone can find a routine that works for them, including seniors. The best yoga DVD for seniors will feature exercises that improve strength and stability, include information and practices for varying ability levels, and introduce techniques that focus on relaxation.

best yoga dvds for seniorsYoga at Any Age

Some people mistakenly believe that yoga is only for individuals that can attack the most difficult poses without hesitation. The truth is that there are a variety of yoga routines and practicing at any level will open you up to its benefits, much like any exercise routine. Practicing a yoga routine regularly can help lower your risk of heart disease, maintain a healthy blood pressure, and help with mobility and flexibility. Basically, if you can breathe you can do yoga. It does not require extreme flexibility. With yoga you start where you are and Yoga for Seniors is a great DVD to meet you at whatever level of practice you find yourself at.

Decrease the Risk of Falls: Improve Balance and Coordination

As we get older, our coordination can decrease leading to an increase in stumbling and falls. Injuries resulting from a fall can be serious, and the best yoga DVD for seniors will address this fact and offer poses and movements that will build core areas to decrease the likelihood of falls.  

 It is important to regularly perform movements that focus on the lower body and help to strengthen the legs and hips. By working on these areas, seniors can improve balance and coordination and be less at risk for falls. Movements can be adapted, depending on skill level, and difficulty can be increased as participants become comfortable with a routine.

Yoga for All: Practice at any Skill or Mobility Level

As with any exercise routine, yoga participants will be at differing levels, with some starting as beginners, intermediate learners, and even advanced yogis. The best yoga DVD for seniors will acknowledge this diversity level and provide tips for increasing or decreasing difficulty. It will also accommodate seniors with different mobility levels and provide movements that can be done in a bed, chair, or while lying down or standing up.

Another tool that can benefit seniors is subtitles. An effective DVD will have large enough fonts for all seniors to easily read so that there are no added barriers to practicing yoga.

senior relaxing on benchMove More, Stress Less: Learn How to Relax

Regardless of age, the ability to relax is a must. Stress can wreak havoc on anyone’s health, and the best yoga DVD for seniors will promote relaxation and help ward off stress and anxiety. Learn how to listen to your body and focus your mind so that you can enjoy yourself more and worry less.

The ability to relax is the key to good health. It can keep the heart healthy and manage blood pressure. Relaxation also helps to suppress sickness, like the common cold, and is believed to help keep your memory sharp. Plus, being relaxed just plain feels good!

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy at any age, and practicing yoga can help seniors to become stronger, more flexible, and decrease the chances of injuries from a fall. The best yoga DVD for seniors will promote balance and coordination, offer movements for all ability levels, and help decrease stress and anxiety. Start your journey into yoga today with the easy-to-follow DVD Relax into Yoga from Pranamaya, which brings the therapeutic benefits of yoga to seniors in a safe and gentle manner.