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Yoga Link - Hip Helpers

by Jill Miller - 151 Minutes

Join acclaimed yoga teacher Jill Miller for Yoga Link | Hips Helpers, a unique Yoga-based practice specifically designed to break through the weakness and congestion in our hips caused by the unhealthy habits of our modern lifestyles. This series of extraordinarily deep hip and psoas exercises strengthens you from the inside out and is designed to penetrate congested connective tissue, stimulate weak muscles, and release tension throughout your body.

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Improve Flexibility, Stability, Coordination and Health

Hear what your hips are saying? They're trying to tell us they're holding on to a lot of tension and stress. Pranamaya’s Jill Miller Hip Helpers DVD presents a full workshop and practice to help you release a little stress and strengthen and improve your hips flexibility, stability, and health.

Hip Check

Our Yoga Link: Hip Helpers DVD offers an at-home practice to help you work deeply on your hips and psoas (a primary hip flexor muscle). Acclaimed teacher Jill Miller expertly guides you through a 60 minute hip workshop, a 60 minute hip focused practice, a 15 minute primer on proper breathing techniques, and a short standing pose workshop to get at those hard to reach spots deep in your hips.

The modern world puts a lot of stress on our hips and sitting in cars and at desks can weaken them. What’s more, the stress and anxiety of our daily lives often ends up in our hips. Release that tension and stress with our Jill Miller Hip Helpers DVD.

Find Relief

This DVD works the hips from every direction. Jill Miller’s expert techniques will offer greater flexibility, strength, and relieve stress and tension from everyday life.  

Release your hips today with Pranamaya’s Jill Miller Hip Helpers DVD. It even comes with bonus MP3s of the audio tracks so you can practice without a TV and DVD player. Order your DVD today and bring relief and strength to your hips.

Highlights from this DVD include:

  • • Hips Workshop - detailed exercise instruction (60 min)

  • • Hips Practice - full routine for regular practice (58 min)

  • • Breathing Primer - essential breathing techniques (15 min)

  • • Bonus Advanced Standing Pose workshop (16 min)

Special Features:

  • • English Subtitle option for all material• Bonus MP3s of practice for audio-only class

The Yoga Link Collection

Each DVD in the Yoga Link series targets specific regions of our bodies that, according to Jill Miller, tend to be areas of chronic weakness and congestion: "We spend too much time sitting idle at computers and in cars with poor posture. Using Yoga Link's techniques, anyone can create healthy balanced hips, shoulders, and a powerful core to break through the cycle of pain that stems from our everyday habits."

Media Reviews

"Yoga Tune-Up is an appropriate title for Jill Miller’s work with asana (posture) and breath, developed as a result of 23 years of her experience with yoga, dance and a number of bodywork modalities. And in this work, it is not hyperbole to say that she is a genius"

-- LA Yoga Magazine

"Those new to Jill Miller and craving someone who can teach them about the way that their body moves are likely to find a new love here. Personally, I'm glad to see Miller getting the increased attention and recognition that she deserves through this new series, as she casts a unique light upon a crowded yoga media field. And finally, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jill Miller's Yoga Link series in general and [Hip Helpers] in particular...few other yoga teachers will challenge you to explore your body in such an intense yet accessible manner"

-- Beth Cholette, Ph.D., Metapsychology Today

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About Jill Miller Yoga DVDs Blend Science With an Ageless Art

Jill Miller Yoga DVDs Blend Science With an Ageless Art

Pranamaya prides itself on working with a variety of teachers. Jill Miller is a teacher who stands out for her entrepreneurial nature. She created Yoga Tune Up® and is the co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide. Our Jill Miller yoga DVDs feature various styles. Jill Miller’s Yoga Link DVDs focus on key areas like the shoulder, core, and hips to help improve flexibility and stability in targeted problem areas. They are particularly helpful for students seeking to ease pain or heal an injury. This makes Jill Miller DVDs a perfect fit for our product line, which is designed to bring a variety of yoga to the home.

Jill’s Yoga Link series are designed to ease problems areas that are prone to chronic pain. Each lesson builds strength in weak muscles and helps broaden flexibility. Our Jill Miller yoga DVDs are a great way to start your self-care regime. Each lesson in the Yoga Link series has a portion dedicated to deep breathing techniques to help students gain the most benefit from their session. The program is appropriate for all levels of ability.

A Wealth of Experience

Jill brings with her an incredible 28 years of experience in the field. Due to her truly creative ways of bringing yoga to the a wide audience, she has become a well-known figure in the yoga and fitness communities. Her widespread popularity has propelled her to write books such as The Roll Model and create DVDs such as Treat While You Train, as well as all of the Jill Miller yoga DVDs found on our website.

The Yoga Link series helps to heal every area of the body on a highly targeted basis using slow, deliberate poses and transitions that help ease and elongate muscles. Many individuals have discovered the benefits of Jill’s style, relieving pain throughout their bodies as they exercise. Discover this smart approach for yourself with our Jill Miller DVDs and start healing your body today.

Vast Media Coverage

Even the general public has gotten to know Jill. Media outlets from Yoga Journal to the Oprah Winfrey Network’s OWN Show have featured her to highlight her work, opening up her method to a huge audience. Her yoga method is so accessible, and with our Jill Miller yoga DVDs, even more so. The technique is also practical, incorporating tips to help heal your specific ailments while you train. It is no wonder her techniques have caught on.

Where to Find Jill’s Programs

Jill’s programs are popping up at health clubs, corporate health centers, spas, and more. Pranamaya is also happy to provide Jill’s teachings to you through our media products, including Jill Miller yoga DVDs. As always, our at-home training option is brought to you at a fraction of what it would cost to learn these methods in a real-life class or workshop. Take advantage of our merchandise and start improving your health today!

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